Moon in Aries

Our Moon placement distinguishes our emotionality which does not show immediately in society but pre-eminently emerges amongst our close relationships. As well, our Moon placement catalyzes every one of our actions – based on instinct. Also, our Moon placement determines what we dream about, what we desire, what we need to feel comfortable, and what nurtures our soul. In turn, it also distinguishes how we nurture our close environment in reverse.

Emotionality of Aries - painted by Nasty Stefanyuk

Emotionality of Moon in Aries:

Your instincts are strong with this placement. It makes you want to act on a gut feeling: spontaneously, decisively and directly – without overthinking your actions first. Thus, you want to speak honestly and freely. It seems as though a wildfire burns inside your core. Also, your emotional state changes fast. At one moment, you are closing the door behind you in a wild rage. The next moment, you are in the best mood and everything is already forgotten. In some ways, one can compare the emotionality of Aries with the soul energy of a child. That’s because your energy is just as pure, wild, boisterous, playful and egocentric as the energy of a child.

Moon in Aries typically loves all physical challenges. Especially, when the physical challenges are outdoors and include a little risk like climbing, skiing, or surfing. That’s because Aries wants to experience the power of his body and its physical boundaries. Sexual activity is also part of that. Whether he actually engages in all of those activities, depends on the Sun Sign, however. Feelings get transcribed into anger first – since anger is an emotion that makes you able to act. Aries has to be certain he can act at all times to secure and protect his ego. Since Aries feels challenged quickly, he often acquires an attitude of resistance to defend himself. In a long lasting relationship, Aries can quickly feel emotionally encaved since he strives for autonomy and freedom.

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