Moon in Leo

Our Moon placement distinguishes our emotionality which does not show immediately in society but pre-eminently emerges amongst our close relationships. As well, our Moon placement catalyzes every one of our actions – based on instinct. Also, our Moon placement revelas our desires, what we need to feel comfortable, and what nurtures our soul. In turn, it also distinguishes how we nurture our close environment in reverse.

Desires of Leo

Emotionality of Moon in Leo:

The heart of a Leo moon is full of lust for life. He desires to have the most beautiful flowers, to eat the most delicious food and to wear the most colorful clothes. Moon in Leo would like it best to swim in wealth, luxury and decadence. From time to time, he can develop a hedonistic and demanding trait. When his cravings for a rich and full life aren’t fulfilled, he gets unsatisfied and discontent. However, if they are fulfilled Moon in Leo is the most generous and cordial of all Moons. It nurtures his soul when he has the chance to shine and behave as pompously as he likes.

This pomposity may turn to theatricality at times but still, a Leo moon doesn’t ever get unauthentic. Authenticity is significant to him since no one dispises insincerity as much as he does. His heart is grand and warm. Full of enthusiasm and hunger for life, he is a little bit like an eternal child that seeks to find something new to play with, create or discover with sparkling eyes. A Leo Moon has courage, optimism and knows how to give orders. A satisfied Leo Moon is the light that brings life and joy to his loved ones. However, beware of the discontent Leo Moon. Celebrities with a Moon in Leo placement are for example Jessie J, Paris Hilton, David Bowie, and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

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