Compatibility – Aquarius Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to how compatible you are with your partner, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Aquarius Moon and Aries Moon – compatible?

Compatible Aquarius and Aries

This match is almost as perfect as the combination of Gemini and Aries since it is a combination of Air and Fire again. Thus, the Air Sign Aquarius inflames the Fire Sign Aries – making the connection an incredibly exciting one, if both signs aim to go in the same direction. Aries can get frustrated though, because of the lack of challenge. It is a stable partnership with a lot of activity and emotional simplicity, but not always a very passionate one. Other placements in the birth chart can contradict this statement – especially if the placements of Venus and Mars are in passionate Signs.

Aquarius has a lot of patience for the outbursts of Aries, because of his basically stoical nature, but this can bore the Aries Moon who doesn’t dread the occasional fight/challenge/friction. The lack of friction can cause a lack of passion, which actually is toxic for the wild temper of Aries.

Aquarius Moon and Taurus Moon – compatible?

These two Signs are completely different. The detached and overly intellectual side of Aquarius can drive sensual and physical Taurus right into madness. In turn, Taurus’ simple nature can bore Aquarius. One strives for security and sensuality, the other one for intellectual stimulation. Also, this is a quite sober connection, since Aquarius is an Air Sign while Taurus is an Earth Sign. There is not a lot of passion between these two Elements. Especially since Aquarius has a rather sober emotionality already. 

Together they don’t make a lot of sense since there is really nothing to connect them. Still, there can be indicators for a strong union in other placements of the chart. 

Aquarius Moon and Gemini Moon – compatible?

Compatible Aquarius and Gemini

This is the best match for companionship since both Signs are Air Signs who love to experiment and discover new things. Also, their need for independence coincides, since both are free-spirited. This is one of the few combinations where Aquarius can feel understood and free.

Still, starting a relationship can present a challenge, however, since both are overly intellectual, have commitment issues and don’t act on pure emotion. However, if they manage to overcome these issues, they are perfect for each other. And as contradictory, as it might sound the lack of emotional connection, presents emotional support for both of them. That’s because they don’t feel the pressure to be more emotional and committed as they do with all of the other Signs. They simply accept each other’s detached side, because they don’t feel comfortable with deep emotions anyway. Thus they don’t claim for more since they give each other exactly what they need.

Aquarius Moon and Cancer Moon – compatible?

These two Signs are very different- especially in concern to what they value. Cancer has a traditional set of values – house, garden, children, marriage. That’s because a deep and safe emotional connection amongst his beloved ones is the most important to him. He just wants somebody to lean on and to cuddle with in the warmth, quiet and comfort of his cozy home. Aquarius, on the other hand, wants to get out into the world to discover new lands. The most important to Aquarius is his emotional freedom since he always strives to stay independent. Consequently, Cancer’s claim for a deeper emotional connection can profoundly overwhelm and suffocate Aquarius, whereas Aquarius detachment can leave Cancer stranded on an island.

If there aren’t other placements in the birth chart indicating otherwise, these two will feel alone and insufficient in this relationship. Cancer will get clingier everytime Aquarius tries to pull further away, which only will drive Aquarius even further. 

Aquarius Moon and Leo Moon – compatible?

Compatible Aquarius and Leo

These two Signs are completely different. The detached and overly intellectual side of Aquarius can drive passionate Leo crazy, whereas the eccentric, self-involved theatricality of Leo can annoy Aquarius. One strives for passion, the other one for intellectual stimulation. Although Leo is a Fire Sign and Aquarius is an Air Sign, there are not a lot of sparks flying through the air – unless there are other strong indicators in other placements of the chart. 

For example, Aquarius Moon in combination with a Fire or Water Sun or Venus, is much more emotional, sparks with originality and is incredibly charismatic. If that is the case, Leo will definitely be highly intrigued by this interesting, walking phenomenon, called Aquarius Moon. Then, Aquarius (being eccentric himself) will definitely enjoy Leo’s eccentricity. Though free-spirited Aquarius will not constantly admire Leo, these two can have a ton of fun and original ideas together. 

Aquarius Moon and Virgo Moon – compatible?

Both Signs are intellectual Signs. They can share the most interesting ideas, develop the most fascinating science projects, travel the world with each other while talking non-stop, but passion will not take place- except, of course, there are other strong indicators in the birth chart (like Fire Mars or Venus Signs). That’s because both Signs are not very sexual. Thus, it is more probable, these two will challenge each other intellectually – rather than sexually or emotionally. In an intimate relationship, they even can completely detach emotionally – not only from each other, but also from themselves which might cause them to feel left alone.

Still, in the case of platonic relationships, they can have a lot of fun with each other. Although Virgo’s narrow-mindedness can quickly annoy Aquarius, while rebellious Aquarius can frustrate Virgo. 

Aquarius Moon and Libra Moon – compatible?

Compatible Aquarius and Libra

This is one of the best matches for both Signs. That’s because as two Air Signs, they make each other fly and balance each other out – at least they do so in a friendship. Libra doesn’t suffocate freedom-striving Aquarius, accepts his detached side without claiming more emotionality and teases out Aquarius’ fun side. That’s a little different in a relationship because then Libra needs more emotional affection and can mistake Aquarius detachment as a lack of desire. Insecurities can emerge from that. 

However, these insecurities will never overweight. That’s because Aquarius completely respects and accepts his beloved ones. Thus, he never feels entitled to change anyone since he understands, that the integrity of a human being is untouchable. That perspective on the humankind shows through respectful conduct, which is medicine for the soul of Libra. In a way, Aquarius detoxifies Libra by clearly outlining his own individual self – mirroring Libra her own individual self. Moreover, Aquarius’ self-sufficiency has a relaxing impact on Libra since she doesn’t feel as though she has to do anything to be liked because of Aquarius’ profoundly accepting nature.

Aquarius Moon and Scorpio Moon – compatible?

Both are fixed Signs, but that’s the only thing connecting these two Signs. Independent Aquarius can feel incredibly captivated by Scorpio’s controlling, and jealous side. On the other hand, Scorpio’s magnetic aura is also seductive to Aquarius. In turn, Scorpio can get frustrated with Aquarius’ emotionally detached side. As a result, he might get even more jealous trying to hold on to his partner but actually just pushing him further away. 

Their compatibility really depends on how self-confident Scorpio is – so that his jealousy won’t take the better off him. On the other hand, Aquarius rarely has a strong sexual vibe and thus doesn’t awaken distrust when it comes to his fidelity, which is good for Scorpio’s security. Mila Kunis (Scorpio Moon) and Ashton Kutcher (Aquarius Moon) are a famous couple with this combination. 

Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Moon – compatible?

Compatible Aquarius and Sagittarius

This is the combination of humanistic activists, on the one hand, and Popstars on the other. If both people in this relationship have the same values, they can change the world together. Both of them wish for progress for the better. Also, both of them want to get out into the world to make new discoveries. Moreover, they both prioritize their personal freedom above all else. Last but not least, both of them need to stay in motion to keep their peace of mind. Their energies simply vibe perfectly together since Sagittarius is a Fire sign and Aquarius an Air Sign. 

However, as perfect as this combination of Signs might sound, Sagittarius’ unrestrained emotional approach can overwhelm emotionally detached Aquarius. At times, he might even suffocate under the intensity of Sagittarius – even though Sagittarius needs the same amount of personal freedom. Other than that, these two are perfect for each other and the world, also. 

Aquarius Moon and Capricorn Moon – compatible?

Capricorn wants to seal the deal, needs a great amount of security to let loose and accept intimacy, whereas Aquarius gets claustrophobia as soon as someone approaches him with a rope to tie the knot. Also, both signs tend to control their basic urges and feelings. Thus, this connection will be rather intellectual than an emotional or sexual one. Actually, that can be an advantage to both, since deep emotions are usually very unsettling to both of them.

Still, this relationship can be exciting – especially for Capricorn. That’s because Aquarius (Sign which develops after Capricorn) breaks the blinders of Capricorn – introducing him to a completely different world. Whether Capricorn enjoys this excitement, depends on other placements in the birth chart. If Capricorn is a rather strict person with distinctly conventional values, this excitement can be an unpleasant challenge to him. In that case, Aquarius will get intellectually bored and run away from the chains of Capricorn’s mind. Still, as long as Capricorn’s striving for security won’t restrain Aquarius’ striving for freedom, these two can make it work.

Aquarius Moon and Aquarius Moon – compatible?

Compatible Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius Moons are usually stoical – unless they have Water or Fire Suns. Together, two Aquarius Moons can build a great intellectual connection with respect for each other. They set great value on personal freedom and let each other make their own decisions – without ever meddling. Both parties base their lives on humanistic values. Also, they are keen on producing a brighter future with more equality and morals.

Thus, this pairing is perfect when it comes to communal projects. However, it gets challenging when it comes to an emotional and physical connection since the two don’t inflame each other. In this case, you have to look closer at the Sun, Venus, and Mars Signs, however. That’s because if there are two Sagittarius Suns with Aquarius Moons, for example, this can indeed be the most exciting connection.

Aquarius Moon and Pisces Moon – compatible?

When Aquarius is in an intimate relationship with Pisces, he can get utterly irritated by the emotional instability of Pisces. Not that Aquarius doesn’t have emotions, but his emotional state can usually be easily explained with logic. Pisces, on the other hand, has the most confusing emotional life. One minute, he stands next to a child who eats ice cream for the first time and is just as excited as the child. The next minute, however, Pisces is overwhelmed by sadness because someone next to him had cried in the subway. These energies are not accessible to Aquarius since he has a rather logical perception than emotional. However, Aquarius profoundly wants to understand Pisces and why he just can’t get it together sometimes. Unfortunately, Pisces usually finds it impossible to explain himself, since how would he know where all these emotions came from. After all, they don’t belong to him.

Because of this tremendously high sensitivity, lack of distance towards the environment and lack of a distinct “self”, Pisces only knows one way to cope with being misunderstood by Aquarius – escapism. Also, Pisces (feeling at the worlds mercy being overrun by lots of stimuli a day), builds up artificial borders to keep everyone away. That means, that Aquarius, for example, cannot meet friends or family, which in turn hurts Aquarius. In general, it is difficult for those two to bond and to support each other emotionally. Still, this is a connection which appears quite often actually. One example of a rather intellectual union is the union of Simone de Beauvoir and Sartre. Which unites those two Signs is their self-abstracting nature, their humanistic/tolerant souls and the open mind.