Compatibility – Virgo Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to the best combination of Signs for love, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Combination of Virgo Moon and Aries Moon

Combination Virgo and Aries

Although these two Signs have very different tempers, they do get along. I don’t quite know why though – since Virgo can get quite critical and nagging if something doesn’t go her way. Since her way entails perfection, there can be numerous minefields in this relationship. Virgo has to plan ahead for the future, whereas Aries lives in the here and now – unwilling to be limited. Also, he is less conservative than Virgo and doesn’t put as much value on the validation of society. If Virgo accepts and appreciates this free spirit of Aries, this combination enriches both sides. Then Virgo learns to be more spontaneous and Aries less so.

If that isn’t the case, the relationship can also feel restrictive to Aries – especially when Virgo tries to restrain and control the vigor of Aries or even limit his freedom for her own purposes. Also, the sober nature of the Virgo Moon can frustrate the boisterous Aries. On the other hand, this controlled facade of the Virgo Moon can showcase the exciting challenge to awaken her passionate side, which exists without a doubt – somewhere carefully hidden away under the surface. Despite all their differences, the two make it work according to my experiences – at least when it comes to friendships.

Combination of Virgo Moon and Taurus Moon

Combination Virgo and Taurus

Taurus and Virgo are both Earth Signs. Thus, both of them are dependable, reliable, realistic, practical, down-to-earth people and impeccable economists. Since they share each other’s needs for assets, security, and consistency, they build a solid union. Usually, however, when two Earth Signs are in a relationship, the connection can be a little sober. Not in this case, though, since sensual Taurus teases out Virgo’s sensuality, makes her feel lighter and less worrisome. Virgo, on the other hand, mobilizes slow Taurus to take better care of himself. 

Also, the stable emotionality of Taurus gives slightly insecure Virgo a sense of stability. Thus, Taurus knows how to calm her down emotionally. What can get on Virgo’s nerves, however, is when Taurus prioritizes enjoyment and comfort over organization and health. If that is the case, Virgo will nag and criticize until Taurus will drop dead. When it comes to conflicts, however, they complement each other perfectly. That’s because Virgo knows how to adjust to Taurus’ stubbornness while Taurus is patient in concern to Virgo’s criticism. 

Combination of Virgo Moon and Gemini Moon

Combination Virgo and Gemini

Both Signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet which rules our mind. Thus, both tend to intellectualize feelings. As friends, they will challenge each other’s intellect to grow, since they are the most curious Signs of the Zodiac. Thus, they won’t ever go out of themes to talk about. When it comes to a relationship, however, Gemini’s flaky nature and out-of-sight-out-of-mind-policy will get on Virgo’s nerves, whereas Virgo’s pettiness will annoy Gemini.

Also, these two don’t burst with passion, since Virgo has to be able to trust in order of letting loose, but Gemini doesn’t give Virgo enough emotional security to do so. Gemini, on the other hand, adapts quickly to the temperament of her companion. Thus, Gemini can be quite passionate with Fire Signs, whereas Earth Signs don’t usually unleash his passionate side – unless, of course, there are other placements in the birth chart indicating otherwise.

Combination of Virgo Moon and Cancer Moon

Combination Virgo and Cancer

There is no better match for Virgo than Cancer. The nurturing, loving, caring side of Cancer gives Virgo enough emotional security to open up emotionally herself. Also, she can be able to relax next to this calm and soothing energy of Cancer, which is a huge deal for tense Virgo. Their values go into the same traditional and conventional direction as well. Thus, they can understand each other’s emotional need for security. 

Although it is a fertile combination (Cancer – Water and Virgo – Earth), they can have quite some rough patches. That’s because Virgo is critical and has high claims for tidiness, organization, and order, whereas Cancer can be quite chaotic. How chaotic Cancer is, depends on his emotional state. When he is moody, he tends to be lazy. Then it’s difficult for him to change his patterns, which builds up Virgo’s discontent. She expresses her emotions through nagging, which is very painful to highly sensitive Cancer. As a result, he tends to enclose inside of his shell to shield himself from Virgo’s pettiness. Other than that, these two are made for each other. 

Combination of Virgo Moon and Leo Moon

Combination Virgo and Leo

This can be a rather difficult companionship. Critical Virgo can hurt Leo’s ego deeply and when Leo is hurt, there is no bottom to his pride. If he doesn’t get the unconditional admiration he claims but instead gets criticized, he starts degrading his partner to upgrade himself and restore his self-image. The second Virgo feels degraded, she gets distant and cold, which drains Leo emotionally, who strives for passion, excitement, and constant attention. Both feel underappreciated and overcompensate by not appreciating each other. Instead, they rather tend to wallow in their discontent – feeling insufficient. 

Still, if Virgo understands, that she has to tone down the criticism, whereas Leo has to tone down his claim for constant admiration, they can make it work. Also, both should be willing to get off their high horses they like to sit on alone – for the sake of the relationship. 

Combination of Virgo Moon and Virgo Moon

Combination Virgo and Virgo

These two both have incredibly high standards when it comes to organization, security, and tidiness. Thus, they meet each other’s needs since they have the same ones. Other signs can get annoyed by the obsessive-compulsive ways of Virgo. In this case, however, that won’t happen since both are wired the same way. Therefore, they can feel safe with each other since they have a similar approach to living a „perfect, flawless“ life. For insecure Virgo, it is tremendous emotional support when her need to acquire perfection is understood and accepted. 

However, this can be a rather sober match also – since both tend to intellectualize feelings. Although they understand each other like no other Sign could and live up to each other’s high standards, they don’t challenge each other to be emotionally more open. Therefore, this connection can actually lack tenderness. As a result, they can feel alone by being together. 

Combination of Virgo Moon and Libra Moon

Combination Virgo and Libra

Libra is quite similar to Virgo – when it comes to her need to maintain a perfect facade. Libra likes everything to look pretty, whereas Virgo likes everything to be tidy. Therefore, the Libra Moon knows how to fulfill Virgo’s high expectations by fulfilling her own needs of beauty. Also, Libra is keen on spoiling her partners since meeting the needs of others is her own basic need. Thus, critical Virgo might not be as critical in this relationship since she won’t have as much to be critical about. Also, Libra might challenge Virgo to just enjoy herself once in a while and loosen up a bit more. 

Libra’s need for a tender and assertive relationship, on the other hand, might not be met by reserved Virgo. At least, if there is no other indicator in Virgo’s birth chart for emotional openness (Water and Fire Signs). Then, critical Virgo can have a toxic and destructive influence on Libra – shattering her self esteem. 

Combination of Virgo Moon and Scorpio Moon

If Scorpio is tidy and organized, this is a perfect match – since both are deep. Scorpio awakens Virgo’s sexuality, which is exhilarating to him since Virgo usually keeps her passionate side to herself. Also, insanely jealous Scorpio knows he can trust Virgo, who is extremely loyal and honest. Scorpio’s intense and passionate approach to her can be assuring for insecure Virgo. In this relationship, she will most likely feel desired the way no-one managed to make her feel before since Scorpio projects all of his energy and focus to his loved one. 

Trust roots deep in this combination, which is incredible since these two Signs usually are the least trusting. But since they put so much value on integrity and share these intense bond, it comes easily to them in this combination. Ryan Reynolds (Scorpio Moon) and Blake Lively (Virgo Moon) are a couple with this combination.

Combination of Virgo Moon and Sagittarius Moon

Virgo has a detail-oriented mind since she is the one, who selects and separates the wheat from the chaff. Sagittarius, on the other hand, has an expansive mind with big ideas – without ever getting caught up in details. In a way, these mindsets are the opposites from each other. Also, Virgo has cultivated her pessimism to perfection, because her mind is focused on problem-solving, whereas Sagittarius sparks with optimism. To wildly enthusiastic Sagittarius, this narrow-mindedness can feel restraining. In turn, Virgo can lack some down-to-earth, realistic and practical reasoning with wishful Sagittarius.

Despite their differences they share a similarly blunt and honest way of communicating. Thus they do indeed have a lot of respect for each other because of the directness.

Combination of Virgo Moon and Capricorn Moon

This is the second most common pairing amongst my friends, which really isn’t surprising since this match is indeed perfect. Both Signs are Earth Signs and thus impeccable economists, who put great value on security and matter. Both Signs are practical, down-to-earth, reliable and feel most at peace in a traditional lifestyle. Also, they both need a similar amount of retreat since both Signs are workaholics. Thus, the needs go into the same direction and the understanding for each others way of life roots deeply. These two Signs can give each other a great amount of security, which is a big deal since both Signs have great difficulties trusting other people, giving away control and letting loose once in a while.

However, since both of them have a profound sense of responsibility and are similarly perfectionistic, they can trust each other and find peace in each other’s support. Also, insecure Virgo adjusts perfectly to the rhythm of decisive and strong-willed Capricorn, whereas Capricorn feels light and at ease with flexible Virgo. As perfect as this might sound, there is some conflict potential though, because of their similarities. Criticism, for example, is toxic for both parties since their striving for perfection is built on guilt. When they receive criticism, it can utterly hurt their egos – resulting in cold and sober conduct with each other. They tend to shut each other out, rather than understand that criticism really isn’t the end of the world. Also, Virgo can get angry being overruled by Capricorn all the time – feeling like a servant, rather than a beloved one.

Combination of Virgo Moon and Aquarius Moon

Both Signs are intellectual Signs. They can share the most interesting ideas, develop the most fascinating science projects, travel the world with each other while talking non-stop, but passion will not take place- except, of course, there are other strong indicators in the birth chart (like Fire Mars or Venus Signs). That’s because both Signs are not very sexual. Thus, it is more probable, these two will challenge each other intellectually – rather than sexually or emotionally. In an intimate relationship, they even can completely detach emotionally – not only from each other, but also from themselves which might cause them to feel left alone.

Still, in the case of platonic relationships, they can have a lot of fun with each other. Although Virgo’s narrow-mindedness can quickly annoy Aquarius, while rebellious Aquarius can frustrate Virgo. 

Combination of Virgo Moon and Pisces Moon

These two are as different as possible. Although the two elements Water and Earth make a perfect match, the qualities of these two Moons don’t go hand in hand. That’s because they are in opposition to each other. That means Virgo is everything Pisces is not and Pisces is everything Virgo is not. At first, this sounds as though they might complement each other perfectly, but they really don’t. 

Critical Virgo shatters the confidence of Pisces into a thousand pieces and her claims overwhelm sensitive Pisces. In turn, chaotic Pisces deeply frustrates obsessive-compulsive Virgo whose need for security and perfection isn’t met by Pisces at all. Strict Virgo can fail to give Pisces the emotional support and loving affection, he needs to survive harsh reality – causing Pisces to try escaping emotionally from Virgo (without breaking the relationship off). Both can get hurt deeply in this combination since they have quite a restrictive power on each other. Still, as long as there are other indicators in the birth chart, which implement a tidy and organized Pisces Moon and an emotionally supportive Virgo, they can actually also challenge each other to develop exactly the qualities they lack themselves – without being shattered in the course of the relationship.