Compatibility – Taurus Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to the union of two Signs, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Union of Taurus Moon and Aries Moon

These two are strong together, though Aries is a Fire Sign and Taurus an Earth sign. This combination of Elements is usually not considered to be very fertile. In a way, these two Moon Signs symbolize the Original Man (Aries – Hunter) and the Original Woman (Taurus – Gatherer). Figuratively, Aries inseminates Taurus with his semen in an ecstatic rush. Thus, he initiates the process, whereas Taurus makes the growth happen by persistently completing the unfinished business of Aries. However, their horns can get in each other’s way. They are stubborn because of different reasons though. Aries usually just wants to win the power tussle. Taurus is stubborn because his mind is a little inflexible. Therefore, he usually needs more time to adjust to new developments, because of his need for security and stability.

As long as one of them is open to adapt once in a while, the stubbornness shouldn’t be a problem. Both Signs are emotionally strong and stable – Taurus more than Aries. Thus, Taurus is able to ground Aries and Aries, on the other hand, is able to mobilize slow Taurus. Since Taurus isn’t easily flappable and not particularly vulnerable, he also is able to tolerate the impulsive mood swings of Aries. Also, Taurus has a similarly strong sense of self and his necessities. If they learn to compromise, they are a perfect match.

Union of Taurus Moon and Taurus Moon

These two are soulmates, who aren’t always a perfect match. Since both are incredibly stubborn, this relationship can have a couple of minefields. Other than that, they understand each other’s needs and views on the world better than anyone else. If both are willing to put their horns aside, it can be an unshatterable union but also a lazy one. But if they keep on forcing through their opinions, they will sacrifice their relationship just to stand their ground. Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera had these Moon placements. Like typical Taurus Moons, they portrayed their sensuality and nature loving souls in their artwork.

What connects those two most is their simplicity, physicality, purity, solidity and the striving for security. As long as their life is peaceful, comfortable, and filled with simple pleasures, they will be happy. Simple pleasures entail delicious, rich and sun-ripened natural meals, flowers, physical beauty, haptic enjoyment, and music.

Union of Taurus Moon and Gemini Moon

Those two tempers are very different. Gemini constantly wants to move – physically, intellectually and emotionally. Intellectual stimulation and variety in daily life are crucial for Gemini, whereas slow Taurus enjoys the opposite and tends to be lazy. In the long run, the inflexibility of Taurus can frustrate Gemini, whereas the flaky and nervous temper of Gemini might be stressful for Taurus.

Moreover, Taurus strives for a tranquil daily routine, because he needs a sense of security. This routine, however, is a toxin to Gemini. On the other hand, Taurus’ steadiness can make Gemini feel more at peace at times, while the urge of Gemini to stay active can mobilize Taurus more often. If those two can accept their different needs and give each other the freedom to construct their individual everyday life, this union can be quite an enrichment.

Union of Taurus Moon and Cancer Moon

This is probably the best match for both Moon Signs since their needs go in the same direction whereas their differences complement each other perfectly. Both Signs symbolize nature, sensuality, and peace. Sensitive Cancer and consistent Taurus enjoy a comfortable life – filled with simple pleasures. Also, both strive for security which only the two can give each other. Taurus has a steady nature and is solid as a rock. Thus, he represents a bastion of calm to Cancer, who knows he can always count on Taurus. Therefore Cancer trusts Taurus and finds peace of mind next to him. Cancer, in turn, gives Taurus security because of his maternal, caring, and loyal soul. The difference between the two is: Cancer is a dreamer, whereas Taurus is a realist. But Taurus will never stand in the way of Cancer’s dreams. Rather he will support Cancer all the way – despite not understanding him.

What actually makes these two perfect for each other is, that Cancer is indulgent when Taurus is stubborn, whereas Taurus is patient when Cancer is moody and indecisive. When I imagine these two, a picture-perfect family appears in front of my inner eye. They live in an idyllic cottage surrounded by nature. A cat roams around the house and the couple cozies up in front of a chimney under a blanket with two glasses of red wine and woolen socks. They just had a rich meal with their own harvested fruit from their garden. Their closest friends had visited earlier that evening to enjoy the food and company. Now the two of them relax, while smooth music plays in the background.

Union of Taurus Moon and Leo Moon

Taurus and Leo are both fixed Signs, which means that both enjoy stability and consistency in their relationships. Also, those two Signs are the hedonists of the Zodiac, because enjoyment of life to its fullest is the priority to both of them. Moreover, both Signs love a loaded bank account and know how to get it. In contrast to Leo, however, sensual Taurus finds enjoyment in a simple life (as long as all of his senses are satisfied), whereas Leo is an eccentric – always on the lookout for a grander, richer, more beautiful lifestyle. If Leo is not satisfied, he can get provocatively demanding and restless like a little child, who wants candy and attention. This can frustrate Taurus at times, but he knows how to calm down Leo. 

A minefield can be the spending behavior of Leo, since Taurus is a Gatherer and prefers to have assets to feel secure, whereas Leo spends with both hands. This can result in conflict and when those two fight, no-one is safe. That’s because both tend to be inflexible. Taurus is incredibly stubborn, while Leo has a hot temper. On the other hand, this temper can produce a lot of passion between these two.

Union of Taurus Moon and Virgo Moon

Taurus and Virgo are both Earth Signs. Thus, both of them are dependable, reliable, realistic, practical, down-to-earth people and impeccable economists. Since they share each other’s needs for assets, security, and consistency, they build a solid union. Usually, however, when two Earth Signs are in a relationship, the connection can be a little sober. Not in this case, though, since sensual Taurus teases out Virgo’s sensuality, makes her feel lighter and less worrisome. Virgo, on the other hand, mobilizes slow Taurus to take better care of himself. 

Also, the stable emotionality of Taurus gives slightly insecure Virgo a sense of stability. Thus, Taurus knows how to calm her down emotionally. What can get on Virgo’s nerves, however, is when Taurus prioritizes enjoyment and comfort over organization and health. If that is the case, Virgo will nag and criticize until Taurus will drop dead. When it comes to conflicts, however, they complement each other perfectly. That’s because Virgo knows how to adjust to Taurus’ stubbornness while Taurus is patient in concern to Virgo’s criticism. 

Union of Taurus Moon and Libra Moon

Union of Taurus and Libra

Although these two have very different tempers, they actually make a pretty couple. That’s because both Signs are ruled by Venus. Thus, they prioritize beauty, sensuality, a harmonious togetherness, convivial sociability, and enjoyment. Those two can lead a beautiful life together. The main difference is: Libra is light-tempered, indecisive, slightly inconsistent and doesn’t put as much value on finances as Taurus. Instead a high social status is much more important to her, whereas Taurus doesn’t put as much value on how he is perceived in society. 

This light temper of Libra and addiction to social affirmation can give security striving Taurus a sense of inconsistency. Other than that, this is a good match. Especially since the stability of Taurus makes Libra feel more consistent. Also, the clearly outlined self of Taurus can mirror Libra a clearer image of herself, her needs and wants. When it comes to conflicts, on the other hand, these two will reconcile quickly for sure, since Libra knows exactly how to calm down Taurus’. 

Union of Taurus Moon and Scorpio Moon

Union of Taurus and Scorpio

Although these two Signs are in opposition to each other, they go well together. This is a particularly passionate combination. Taurus is highly sensual and physical, whereas Scorpio has an intense magnetic presence and a strong sexual drive. Taurus’ consistent nature will make deadly jealous Scorpio feel more at peace because he can trust Taurus’ loyalty. Also, Taurus has a stable emotional life, which will soothe Scorpio’s soul whose emotionality doesn’t know a middle ground. 

On the other hand, Scorpio’s darkness and intensity can also be a little too much for simple Taurus, who simply wants to enjoy a peaceful life. Still, these two can form a strong union and complement each other perfectly.

Union of Taurus Moon and Sagittarius Moon

Union of Taurus and Sagittarius

The tempers of these two are as different as possible. Also, their values and needs go in wildly different directions. Sagittarius wants to feel and experience everything to its fullest, have one adventure after the other and fight for something. He is always on the hunt for adrenaline and endorphins – rarely finding them in the peace of his own home. Taurus, in turn, loves a simple, comfortable life. He doesn’t need adventures as long as there’s music, delicious food, beauty and sex to enjoy. Thus, this union can present loads of minefields.

On the other hand, Sagittarius has the power to mobilize Taurus and Taurus can calm down Sagittarius’ restlessness. Therefore, this union has its advantages also, but it’s more likely, these two will get on each other’s nerves tremendously. Other placements in the birth charts can indicate the opposite, though – for example if the Taurus Moon has a Sagittarius Sun and the other way around. 

Union of Taurus Moon and Capricorn Moon

Union of Taurus and Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorn are both Earth Signs. Thus, they are similarly spirited people. Both of them are dependable, reliable, realistic, practical, down-to-earth people and impeccable economists. Since they profoundly understand each other’s needs for assets, security, and consistency, they build a solid union. However, the connection can be a little sober and severe. Taurus also might lack the satisfaction of his sensual desires since Capricorn is rather strict. In turn, Capricorn might be annoyed by Taurus’ laziness.

On the other hand, these two give each other a sense of stability, which lets disciplined Capricorn relax at times. Moreover, Taurus has the ability to tease out Capricorn’s sensuality. Also, he can open his mind for the more beautiful, enjoyable sides of the world – despite work. In general, these two make a perfect couple. When it comes to conflicts, however, both have horns and they won’t yield under any circumstance. 

Union of Taurus Moon and Aquarius Moon

Union of Taurus and Aquarius

These two Signs are completely different. The detached and overly intellectual side of Aquarius can drive sensual and physical Taurus right into madness. In turn, Taurus’ simple nature can bore Aquarius. One strives for security and sensuality, the other one for intellectual stimulation. Also, this is a quite sober connection, since Aquarius is an Air Sign while Taurus is an Earth Sign. There is not a lot of passion between these two Elements. Especially since Aquarius has a rather sober emotionality already. 

Together they don’t make a lot of sense since there is really nothing to connect them. Still, there can be indicators for a strong union in other placements of the chart. 

Union of Taurus Moon and Pisces Moon

Union of Taurus and Pisces

This is a connection made in Heaven. Though indecisive, and dreamy Pisces might frustrate practical and realistic Taurus once in a while, these tempers go perfectly together. That’s because  Pisces has an indulgent, soft and devoted nature, which adjusts perfectly to the stable, stubborn and inflexible Taurus. Also, Pisces knows how to spoil and pamper the Taurus Moon – making him a paradise on Earth. Taurus, in turn, gives the Pisces Moon a sense of self, since his own identity is so clearly outlined.

Taurus’ steady nature is like the fertile ground, whereas Pisces is the Water, which nurtures the soil. Still, this connection might be a rather lazy one, since Taurus has a comfortable nature and Pisces quickly adjusts to the pace of his companions – especially when the pace is slow.