Compatibility – Scorpio Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to the bond between Signs, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Aries Moon

Bond of Scorpio and Aries

These two Signs are actually quite similar – though Aries is a Fire Sign and Scorpio a Water Sign. Scorpio understands the base motivations of Aries better than anyone since he is connected to them consciously. This is the main difference between the two Signs because Scorpio has a strong connection between his own basic urges and the controlling centers of the brain. These connections make him particularly forceful. He has the power to manipulate Aries since he sees through him and knows everything about him.

Also, Scorpio has to stay in control and power at all times, which can feel restrictive to the free-spirited and unrestrained Aries Moon, who wants to remain the upper hand himself. The possessive tendency of Scorpio can make this connection an extremely sexually charged and passionate one, but also a challenging one.

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Taurus Moon

Bond of Scorpio and Taurus

Although these two Signs are in opposition to each other, they go well together. This is a particularly passionate combination. Taurus is highly sensual and physical, whereas Scorpio has an intense magnetic presence and a strong sexual drive. Taurus’ consistent nature will make deadly jealous Scorpio feel more at peace because he can trust Taurus’ loyalty. Also, Taurus has a stable emotional life, which will soothe Scorpio’s soul whose emotionality doesn’t know a middle ground. 

On the other hand, Scorpio’s darkness and intensity can also be a little too much for simple Taurus, who simply wants to enjoy a peaceful life. Still, these two can form a strong union and complement each other perfectly.

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Gemini Moon

Bond of Scorpio and Gemini

These two Signs are very different. Gemini is light, flaky and all over the place, whereas Scorpio has a dark and intense side to him. This dark side will awaken Gemini’s curiosity to find out more about the Scorpio intellectually. But although Gemini can be profoundly fascinated by Scorpio’s magnetic, sexual presence and deep mind, he can feel constrained by Scorpio’s possessiveness. In turn, Scorpio’s possessiveness only grows when his trust diminishes.

Since Gemini’s curiosity drives him to one adventure after the other, he is reluctant to set on anything. This unwillingness to settle makes him appear untrustworthy, which drives Scorpio into maddening jealousy. Then he becomes overly controlling of his partner, which drives Gemini even further away. Thus, these two are in a devil’s circle together. Still, this is quite an interesting match, which can cause Gemini to evolve emotionally and Scorpio to require more lightness.

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Cancer Moon

Bond of Scorpio and Cancer

This is an intensely emotional combination since these two are the most emotional Zodiac Signs. The difference is, that Cancer’s emotional energy is comparable to a calm, soothing lake whereas Scorpio’s emotional energy is comparable to a forceful flood. Together they fuse into a symbiosis or a spiraling strudel of merged emotion. Thus, the emotional connection is deeper than with most other Zodiac Signs. Also, Cancer is fully devoted and loyal, which calms Scorpios jealousy since he feels they simply belong to each other. Moreover, Cancer can learn to pull himself together more often – next to always focused Scorpio.

However, since these two don’t know boundaries when it comes to emotions, they can spiral into a deep black hole together as well. 

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Leo Moon

Bond of Scorpio and Leo

Although Leo is a Fire Sign and Scorpio is a Water Sign, these two don’t extinct each other. Rather it is an utterly hot, steamy and explosive combination in this case. That’s because both are incredibly passionate and physical people. The intense, magnetic presence and strong sexual aura of Scorpio can be very intriguing to Leo since he strives for passion. In turn, the authenticity and natural self-confidence of Leo will be appealing to the truth-seeking Scorpio Moon.

Since Scorpio knows no middle ground emotionally, he loves wholeheartedly to the end of the world and back. Thus, he can channel endless admiration for his partner which will satisfy Leo’s needs. The intensity of Scorpio might get a little too much for Leo though, but they will probably reconcile for the sake of their passion or kill each other one of these days. An exemplary couple: Miley Cyrus (Scorpio Moon) and Liam Hemsworth (Leo Moon).

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Virgo Moon

Bond of Scorpio and Virgo

If Scorpio is tidy and organized, this is a perfect match – since both are deep. Scorpio awakens Virgo’s sexuality, which is exhilarating to him since Virgo usually keeps her passionate side to herself. Also, insanely jealous Scorpio knows he can trust Virgo, who is extremely loyal and honest. Scorpio’s intense and passionate approach to her can be assuring for insecure Virgo. In this relationship, she will most likely feel desired the way no-one managed to make her feel before since Scorpio projects all of his energy and focus to his loved one. 

Trust roots deep in this combination, which is incredible since these two Signs usually are the least trusting. But since they put so much value on integrity and share these intense bond, it comes easily to them in this combination. Ryan Reynolds (Scorpio Moon) and Blake Lively (Virgo Moon) are a couple with this combination.

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Libra Moon

Bond of Scorpio and Libra

Libra always feels responsible for keeping the balance – everywhere she goes. Usually, she succeeds since she is highly sensitive to the room atmosphere. Also, she can twist everyone around her little finger with her charms. Because of her addiction to keep a “pretty” balance, Libra craves for constant affirmation. This might cause Scorpio to develop jealousy issues since Libra does not only seek affirmation from him but from everyone. Scorpio subconsciously feels this light, charming and socializing nature of Libra as unfaithful. As a result, he claims more power – gets controlling, possessive and manipulating to a point of obsession. Also, the truth-seeking, deep Scorpio can perceive the charmingly deceiving Libra Moon as dishonest and despise her for that.

On the other hand, Libra can be utterly magnified (though also completely overwhelmed) by the intensity of Scorpio whereas Scorpio can feel lighter with Libra. The perfect example for this connection present long-lasting couple Beyonce (as the Scorpio Moon) and Jay-Z (as the Libra Moon). Thus, as long as there is a possibility to process the relationship issues by recording a visual album like Lemonade, these two can make it long term – if they are willing to accept each other’s energies.

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Scorpio Moon

These two have a profoundly intense, magnetic, possessive and passionate connection. Diving into each other’s emotional depths, they probably know everything about each other intuitively. This is an advantage since Scorpio usually tends to keep a lot hidden under the surface. Knowing each other in and out is helpful for Scorpio because he usually has jealousy and trust issues. Thus, he tests his partner in many different ways – to make sure he won’t betray him. Only when he is convinced, he begins to let his guard down. In this combination with two Scorpio Moons, however, both are wired the same way. Therefore, they understand each other’s emotional life, issues, fears, and intensity better than anyone else could.

There is no other Sign, which feels as purely as the Scorpio Moon. When Scorpio loves someone, he loves wholeheartedly – same with hate. Scorpio doesn’t know any middle ground or indifference. Thus, when two Scorpio Moons decide to engage in an intimate relationship with each other, they are full in. This can be the most intense, magnetic and deepest relationship, but also a dangerous and explosive one at times.

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Sagittarius Moon

Both Signs have intense emotional energy and feel every emotion wholeheartedly. The difference is that Scorpio is darker and more suspicious, whereas Sagittarius is lighter and endlessly optimistic. You could compare Scorpio’s energy with a flood and Sagittarius’ energy with a volcano. Sagittarius’ free-spirited and adventurous side might heighten Scorpio’s jealousy, who wants to attain control over his partner. Sagittarius, however, cannot be tamed. As soon as Sagittarius feels restricted in his freedom in any way, he becomes rebellious. To compensate the restriction, he then seeks for more adventures which diminishes Scorpio’s trust even more. 

If there are other placements in the Scorpio’s birth chart, which indicate a less controlling and more tolerant perspective on relationships, this connection is an incredibly intense one – especially sexually. 

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Capricorn Moon

There is one question to answer in this combination. Who is the one in control? It’s impossible to answer since both Signs have the compulsive need to attain the upper hand. Still, it probably won’t be a challenge in this relationship since the connection of these two highly loyal people will heighten the trust in each other’s fidelity. 

As a result, Scorpio’s jealousy issues will diminish, whereas Capricorn will feel secure enough to open up in a relationship. Also, Scorpio’s magnetically sexual energy complements Capricorn’s restrained sexuality. Scorpio even has the power to awaken Capricorn’s incredibly sexual power, which usually hides beneath his poker face since Capricorn’s trusts Scorpio. 

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Aquarius Moon

Both are fixed Signs, but that’s the only thing connecting these two Signs. Independent Aquarius can feel incredibly captivated by Scorpio’s controlling, and jealous side. On the other hand, Scorpio’s magnetic aura is also seductive to Aquarius. In turn, Scorpio can get frustrated with Aquarius’ emotionally detached side. As a result, he might get even more jealous trying to hold on to his partner but actually just pushing him further away. 

Their compatibility really depends on how self-confident Scorpio is – so that his jealousy won’t take the better off him. On the other hand, Aquarius rarely has a strong sexual vibe and thus doesn’t awaken distrust when it comes to his fidelity, which is good for Scorpio’s security. Mila Kunis (Scorpio Moon) and Ashton Kutcher (Aquarius Moon) are a famous couple with this combination. 

Bond of Scorpio Moon and Pisces Moon

Both are Water Signs, which means that both have an incredibly emotional soul. The difference is their temperament. Scorpio is like a flood – conglomerating the whole energy into one force, whereas Pisces is like a drop of water dissolving into the whole ocean – being everything and nothing at once. The devoted, dissolving side of Pisces complements the controlling, and intense side of Scorpio perfectly since devotion is exactly what Scorpio seeks for in love. However, Pisces still manages to awaken Scorpio’s jealousy since he has an elusive nature – always escaping Scorpio’s grasp in a way. Also, Pisces is a disguise artist whereas Scorpio only respects the truth. 

Still, these two are perfect for each other. It’s like they have their little universe, where they dive into the deepest depths together – discovering secrets, finding wisdom, sharing the most intense emotions with each other.