Compatibility – Sagittarius Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to the compatibility of a couple, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Sagittarius Moon and Aries Moon as a couple

Couple Sagittarius and Aries

This is a pairing made in heaven. Both are impulsive, active, expressive and honest. Those signs can inflame each other to experience the craziest adventures. Passion and laughter burst quickly with those two, but at the same time personal freedom stays the priority. Thus, it is not always a pairing, that’s longlasting since both parties can be too involved with their own lives, don’t tend to make plans for the future and usually don’t engage in a dull everyday life. Also, the hasty and intense display of affection of Sagittarius can scare off the self-preserving Aries Moon.

But when the content of the lives of those two Signs intersects, they are unbeatable together. With their jointed energy, they can actually rule the world – especially when both carriers of this placement are activists or work on a communal project together such as founding an NGO, shooting a movie or traveling the world exploring numerous cultures.

Sagittarius Moon and Taurus Moon as a couple

Couple Sagittarius and Taurus

The tempers of these two are as different as possible. Also, their values and needs go in wildly different directions. Sagittarius wants to feel and experience everything to its fullest, have one adventure after the other and fight for something. He is always on the hunt for adrenaline and endorphins – rarely finding them in the peace of his own home. Taurus, in turn, loves a simple, comfortable life. He doesn’t need adventures as long as there’s music, delicious food, beauty and sex to enjoy. Thus, this union can present loads of minefields.

On the other hand, Sagittarius has the power to mobilize Taurus and Taurus can calm down Sagittarius’ restlessness. Therefore, this union has its advantages also, but it’s more likely, these two will get on each other’s nerves tremendously. Other placements in the birth charts can indicate the opposite, though – for example if the Taurus Moon has a Sagittarius Sun and the other way around. 

Sagittarius Moon and Gemini Moon as a couple

Couple Sagittarius and Gemini

This match is simply perfect. Although Sagittarius is the opposite Sign of Gemini, the tempers, energies, and interests are quite similar. Both Signs have a high energy level, are fun, sociable, adventurous and curious about everything the world has to offer. They differ from each other emotionally, since Gemini is more intellectual whereas Sagittarius is much more emotional.

Also, Gemini has a lighter, almost flaky temper whereas Sagittarius is more intense and likes to exaggerate when it comes to emotions. However, those differences don’t stay in the way of the relationship at all. Actually, the Signs complement each other perfectly because they inflame each other. Thus, these two can have the most exciting life together.

Sagittarius Moon and Cancer Moon as a couple

Couple Sagittarius and Cancer

This is a difficult connection. Sagittarius enjoys shooting arrows insensitively and thoughtlessly – in the name of brutal honesty. To highly sensitive Cancer, however, the touch of a feather can already be too painful. If Cancer is hurt, he isolates himself emotionally while keeping the memory of the hurt. Then he hits back- when least expected, but with the greatest impact. When Sagittarius recognizes this chain of behavior, he starts feeling as though he has to walk on eggshells around Cancer while repressing his honest, explosive self. Also, Sagittarius might get frustrated with Cancers traditional lifestyle. As an adventurer, Sagittarius wants to get out into the world, whereas Cancer wants to enjoy some garden work, a good meal, some smooth music and a walk in a park.  

Still, when Sagittarius is self-confident, the desire to shoot arrows diminishes and transforms into the energy of sheer enthusiasm. When Cancer is self-confident, he doesn’t victimize himself that much. Thus, he knows how to let emotions go and communicate emotions more openly. The most important, both have to keep in mind for their own sake, is to NOT diminish each other’s confidence by pointless revenge. It will be much more profitable for both of them to build each other’s confidence instead. 

Sagittarius Moon and Leo Moon as a couple

Couple Sagittarius and Leo

Sagittarius wants to feel and experience everything to its fullest, have one adventure after the other and fight for something worth fighting for. He is always on the hunt for adrenaline and endorphins – rarely finding them in the peace of his own home, whereas Leo enjoys a more comfortable life. He doesn’t need adventures,  as long as there’s music, delicious food, beauty, and sex to enjoy. Still, these two have matching temperaments, since both are incredibly passionate Fire Signs.

However, the explosive and unrestrained heat of Sagittarius can burn Leo – when Sagittarius shoots his verbal arrows at Leo. Then Leo’s ego can get hurt which results in limitless pride. If their egos are more important than their love, they can spiral into an endless battle about who of them is in the right – never actually getting to a conclusion.

Sagittarius Moon and Virgo Moon as a couple

Couple Sagittarius and Virgo

Virgo has a detail-oriented mind since she is the one, who selects and separates the wheat from the chaff. Sagittarius, on the other hand, has an expansive mind with big ideas – without ever getting caught up in details. In a way, these mindsets are the opposites from each other. Also, Virgo has cultivated her pessimism to perfection, because her mind is focused on problem-solving, whereas Sagittarius sparks with optimism. To wildly enthusiastic Sagittarius, this narrow-mindedness can feel restraining. In turn, Virgo can miss some down-to-earth, realistic and practical reasoning with wishful Sagittarius.

Despite their differences, they share a similarly blunt and honest way of communicating. Thus they do indeed have a lot of respect for each other because of the directness.

Sagittarius Moon and Libra Moon as a couple

This is a match made in heaven. The light temperament of Libra goes hand in hand with the enthusiastic temperament of adventurous Sagittarius. Both are light-hearted, convivial and love to engage socially. The intensity of Sagittarius passion can be intriguing to Libra. In turn, the elegant sensuality of Libra is seductive to Sagittarius. With these two there are sparks, laughter, and adventures all over the place.

In this combination, Sagittarius won’t even bother with Libras’ indecisiveness since Libra simply will go with the flow of Sagittarius’ crazy ideas. In turn, Libra won’t bother with Sagittarius brutal honesty since Libra brings out the most diplomatic side in Sagittarius. The only thing entailing conflict potential is, that Sagittarius will lack friction and conflict with peaceful Libra. Then he might get bored with Libra’s adaptability. 

Sagittarius Moon and Scorpio Moon as a couple

Both Signs have intense emotional energy and feel every emotion wholeheartedly. The difference is that Scorpio is darker and more suspicious, whereas Sagittarius is lighter and endlessly optimistic. You could compare Scorpio’s energy with a flood and Sagittarius’ energy with a volcano. Sagittarius’ free-spirited and adventurous side might heighten Scorpio’s jealousy, who wants to attain control over his partner. Sagittarius, however, cannot be tamed. As soon as Sagittarius feels restricted in his freedom in any way, he becomes rebellious. To compensate the restriction, he then seeks for more adventures which diminishes Scorpio’s trust even more. 

If there are other placements in the Scorpio’s birth chart, which indicate a less controlling and more tolerant perspective on relationships, this connection is an incredibly intense one – especially sexually. 

Sagittarius Moon and Sagittarius Moon as a couple

This is an explosive combination of two with the same Sign – a Sign only comparable to a volcano. There is a lot of passion, sparks all over the place, unrestrained laughter and endless adventures in this relationship. However, when two volcanoes meet, it can get dangerous as well since there is little sensibility, restraint, and normality. The already boundlessly desiring, wishful souls of these two, can drive each other to the most adventurous but also dangerous decisions. Also, their incalculable love for verbal shootings can lead to the most intense and passionate fights the world has ever seen. 

If there are other placements indicating a more grounded nature, however, this will be a relationship to envy. 

Sagittarius Moon and Capricorn Moon as a couple

The strictness of Capricorn doesn’t go well with unrestrained Sagittarius. Let’s just say if there is a couple with this combination, it won’t be because of their Moon Signs. There is actually no reason for these two to find each other appealing. Capricorn lacks security with adventurous Sagittarius, whereas Sagittarius lacks adventures with security-oriented Capricorn. 

As a conservative and constrained Earth sign, Capricorn has the power to extinct Sagittarius. In turn, Sagittarius knows how to burn Capricorn. If they don’t accept their different approach to life, there is nothing to hold them together. If they do, however, and have utterly self-sufficient lives with their individual paths, they can make a gorgeous couple. Amal Clooney (Sagittarius) and George Clooney (Capricorn) are one example. 

Sagittarius Moon and Aquarius Moon as a couple

This is the combination of humanistic activists, on the one hand, and Popstars on the other. If both people in this relationship have the same values, they can change the world together. Both of them wish for progress for the better. Also, both of them want to get out into the world to make new discoveries. Moreover, they both prioritize their personal freedom above all else. Last but not least, both of them need to stay in motion to keep their peace of mind. Their energies simply vibe perfectly together since Sagittarius is a Fire sign and Aquarius an Air Sign. 

However, as perfect as this combination of Signs might sound, Sagittarius’ unrestrained emotional approach can overwhelm emotionally detached Aquarius. At times, he might even suffocate under the intensity of Sagittarius – even though Sagittarius needs the same amount of personal freedom. Other than that, these two are perfect for each other and the world, also. 

Sagittarius Moon and Pisces Moon as a couple

The tempers of the two are vastly different. Sagittarius is a diffuse volcano – spreading its Fire all over the place. Pisces is like a drop of Water, which dissolves into the whole ocean and is everywhere at once. Sagittarius is expressive and intense, Pisces, on the other hand, is impressionable and soft. Thus, the hasty and intense display of affection of the Sagittarius can scare off shy Pisces, who feels overwhelmed quickly.

If Sagittarius can’t restrain himself but rather shoots one arrow after the other at Pisces, the relationship will shatter Pisces’ self-esteem completely. However, if Sagittarius is more sensitive towards Pisces, they can get to the most magical places together. Pisces will provide the fantasies, Sagittarius the adventures. Together they have the mind of Alice in Wonderland – far off from reality.