Compatibility – Libra Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to the distinguishing the compatibility of a liaison, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Liaison: Libra Moon and Aries Moon

Liaison Libra and Aries

Aries and Libra are the exact opposites of each other. As the Sign of war, Aries reacts directly, decisively and honestly; always has his own needs in mind. Libra (Sign of Peace), however, reacts much later – after weighing all points of views by keeping everyone’s needs in mind. Because those Signs are so different, they can learn by far the most from each other. On the other hand, they can frustrate each other the most as well. That’s because Libra usually prefers diplomacy, conceals her thoughts behind a smiling mask and gossips behind her partner’s back. Aries, however, hates it when people don’t just clearly articulate what they want, think and need. To understand and distinguish her own needs, however, is the most difficult thing for considerate Libra.

On the other hand, there is great potential in this particular conflict, since Aries can tease out a more distinct sense of “self” from Libra. The opposite can happen also since Aries can simply take advantage of Libra’s high adaptability for his own purposes. But Libra is not a helpless Sign since it knows best how to manipulate her opponent into taking care of her needs also – as unclear as they might be. Moreover, Libra can teach Aries a fair amount of consideration, tact, and diplomacy. Though these Signs complement each other, it still might be a highly stressful pairing.

Liaison: Libra Moon and Taurus Moon

Liaison Libra and Taurus

Although these two have very different tempers, they actually make a pretty couple. That’s because both Signs are ruled by Venus. Thus, they prioritize beauty, sensuality, a harmonious togetherness, convivial sociability, and enjoyment. Those two can lead a beautiful life together. The main difference is: Libra is light-tempered, indecisive, slightly inconsistent and doesn’t put as much value on finances as Taurus. Instead, high social status is much more important to her, whereas Taurus doesn’t put as much value on how he is perceived in society. 

This light temper of Libra and addiction to social affirmation can give security striving Taurus a sense of inconsistency. Other than that, this is a good match. Especially since the stability of Taurus makes Libra feel more consistent. Also, the clearly outlined self of Taurus can mirror Libra a clearer image of herself, her needs and wants. When it comes to conflicts, on the other hand, these two will reconcile quickly for sure, since Libra knows exactly how to calm down Taurus’. 

Liaison: Libra Moon and Gemini Moon

Liaison Libra and Gemini

This is a beautifully light combination. Both are sociable Air Signs, who love company. Libra and Gemini know how to invigorate every one with their charms and wit. Together, they bring fun, light, laughter, flirt, and wit to every social group. They make each other fly since both are playful, light and free in this combination – almost like children.

Even though Libra is just as flirty and flaky as Gemini, the need for emotional affection and tenderness is more distinct. Thus, Gemini’s slightly disloyal nature might evoke insecurities – concerning fidelity. Also, these two are both indecisive. Thus, they might lack direction in this relationship, if there aren’t other placements in the birth chart indicating a more decisive nature.

Liaison: Libra Moon and Cancer Moon

Liaison Libra and Cancer

Though Cancer is a Water Sign and Libra is an Air Sign (which amongst Elements is not considered the best combination), those two Signs go well together. That’s because both have a loving, silken and sweet nature. Cancer is an empathic Sign, who is thoughtful and nurturing when it comes to his partner’s needs. Libra is highly sensitive regarding the room atmosphere and only ever feels at peace when everything around him is in balance. Thus, he also feels responsible to make his partner happy. Because of his addiction to keep the balance to maintain a “pretty” atmosphere, Libra craves for constant affirmation. Cancer as a giving Sign is willing to give this affirmation.

This might also cause conflicts since Libra does not only seek affirmation from her partner but from everyone. The Cancer Moon subconsciously might mistake this light, charming and socializing nature of Libra for disloyalty. As a result, Cancer might claim repeatedly for more emotional closeness and more devotion from Libra. When it comes to conflicts Libra doesn’t stand a chance, because Cancer is emotionally egoistic. That means, that Cancer tends to victimize himself. That’s because he is so deeply emotional, that he can’t reflect he is not the only one entitled to have emotions in a dispute. Also, Cancer is highly sensitive and takes everything personally, hurts deeply, holds grudges, doesn’t forget easily or at all for that matter and can poison the room atmosphere like no other. Striving for harmony, Libra will try everything to make Cancer happy again and will probably succeed.

Liaison: Libra Moon and Leo Moon

Liaison Libra and Leo

This is THE perfect match. Both prioritize beauty, sensuality, convivial sociability, and enjoyment. High social status is also quite important to these two. Moreover, both have an addiction to social affirmation. If Leo’s desire to be admired is fulfilled, he becomes emotionally profoundly generous. Since Libra strives to give her partner what he needs, Libra completely satisfies Leo in this regard. In turn, Leo fulfills Libra’s need too. When it comes to conflicts these two will reconcile quickly for sure since Libra knows exactly how to calm Leo’s hot temper with her playful charms. 

All in all the theatrical eccentricity of passionate Leo and the seductive, light-hearted diplomacy of elegant Libra complement each other perfectly – as seen in the relationship of David Bowie (Leo Moon) and his wife Iman (Libra Moon). 

Liaison: Libra Moon and Virgo Moon

Liaison Libra and Virgo

Libra is quite similar to Virgo – when it comes to her need to maintain a perfect facade. Libra likes everything to look pretty, whereas Virgo likes everything to be tidy. Therefore, the Libra Moon knows how to fulfill Virgo’s high expectations by fulfilling her own needs of beauty. Also, Libra is keen on spoiling her partners since meeting the needs of others is her own basic need. Thus, critical Virgo might not be as critical in this relationship since she won’t have as much to be critical about. Also, Libra might challenge Virgo to just enjoy herself once in a while and loosen up a bit more. 

Libra’s need for a tender and assertive relationship, on the other hand, might not be met by reserved Virgo. At least, if there is no other indicator in Virgo’s birth chart for emotional openness (Water and Fire Signs). Then, critical Virgo can have a toxic and destructive influence on Libra – shattering her self esteem. 

Liaison: Libra Moon and Libra Moon

Liaison Libra and Libra

There is nothing like a relationship of two with the Moon Sign, which symbolizes relationship and love. Both are always willing to meet each other’s needs, don’t care for conflicts and strive to conceive as well as give affection. Thus, these two can have the most beautiful, most tender, most respectful, most loving, most affectionate and most assertive relationship at all times.

BUT it can get quite confusing also since neither one of them are in touch with their own needs. As a result, they can get into a vicious circle – always trying to accommodate the wishes of the other. Still, this is an amazing match made for eternity. Especially, if one of them has a more decisive and dominant Sun Sign. 

Liaison: Libra Moon and Scorpio Moon

Libra always feels responsible for keeping the balance – everywhere she goes. Usually, she succeeds since she is highly sensitive to the room atmosphere. Also, she can twist everyone around her little finger with her charms. Because of her addiction to keep a “pretty” balance, Libra craves for constant affirmation. This might cause Scorpio to develop jealousy issues since Libra does not only seek affirmation from him but from everyone. Scorpio subconsciously feels this light, charming and socializing nature of Libra as unfaithful. As a result, he claims more power – gets controlling, possessive and manipulating to a point of obsession. Also, the truth-seeking, deep Scorpio can perceive the charmingly deceiving Libra Moon as dishonest and despise her for that.

On the other hand, Libra can be utterly magnified (though also completely overwhelmed) by the intensity of Scorpio whereas Scorpio can feel lighter with Libra. The perfect example for this connection present long-lasting couple Beyonce (as the Scorpio Moon) and Jay-Z (as the Libra Moon). Thus, as long as there is a possibility to process the relationship issues by recording a visual album like Lemonade, these two can make it long term – if they are willing to accept each other’s energies.

Liaison: Libra Moon and Sagittarius Moon

This is a match made in heaven. The light temperament of Libra goes hand in hand with the enthusiastic temperament of adventurous Sagittarius. Both are light-hearted, convivial and love to engage socially. The intensity of Sagittarius passion can be intriguing to Libra. In turn, the elegant sensuality of Libra is seductive to Sagittarius. With these two there are sparks, laughter, and adventures all over the place.

In this combination, Sagittarius won’t even bother with Libras’ indecisiveness since Libra simply will go with the flow of Sagittarius’ crazy ideas. In turn, Libra won’t bother with Sagittarius brutal honesty since Libra brings out the most diplomatic side in Sagittarius. The only thing entailing conflict potential is, that Sagittarius will lack friction and conflict with peaceful Libra. Then he might get bored with Libra’s adaptability. 

Liaison: Libra Moon and Capricorn Moon

Severe Capricorn might drag the light-hearted temperament of Libra down. Also, the striving of Libra for tenderness might be challenging for Capricorn to fulfill. Thus, Libra can feel drained in this relationship – always trying to impress and please the high standards of Capricorn (without getting the affirmation he needs). Capricorn, in turn, might loosen up a bit with the sweet and light-hearted nature of Libra by his side. But he might have problems taking him seriously and relying on him, because of Libra’s flaky nature. Thus, as much as Libra tries to fulfill the needs of Capricorn, he still might fail to give him a sense of security.

What is great about this combination is, Libra develops a clearer sense for a self-identity next to Capricorn. If Capricorn has placements in his birth chart indicating a more relaxed and emotionally open nature, they might be great together.  

Liaison: Libra Moon and Aquarius Moon

This is one of the best matches for both Signs. That’s because as two Air Signs, they make each other fly and balance each other out – at least they do so in a friendship. Libra doesn’t suffocate freedom-striving Aquarius, accepts his detached side without claiming more emotionality and teases out Aquarius’ fun side. That’s a little different in a relationship because then Libra needs more emotional affection and can mistake Aquarius detachment as a lack of desire. Insecurities can emerge from that. 

However, these insecurities will never overweight. That’s because Aquarius completely respects and accepts his beloved ones. Thus, he never feels entitled to change anyone since he understands, that the integrity of a human being is untouchable. That perspective on the humankind shows through respectful conduct, which is medicine for the soul of Libra. In a way, Aquarius detoxifies Libra by clearly outlining his own individual self – mirroring Libra her own individual self. Moreover, Aquarius’ self-sufficiency has a relaxing impact on Libra since she doesn’t feel as though she has to do anything to be liked because of Aquarius’ profoundly accepting nature.

Liaison: Libra Moon and Pisces Moon

This is a particularly tender and affectionate relationship. Pisces never fails to fulfill Libra’s need for affirmation. In turn, Libra reflects the needs of selfless Pisces by striving to please him. Thus, Pisces can open up emotionally. Also, Pisces can feel safe with considerate Libra since he knows that diplomatic Libra won’t dare to hurt him – being similarly sensitive to mood swings and criticism as Pisces himself. 

Since both Signs tend to be selfless, they might lack a sense of identity and direction in this relationship. Still, if there is a more dominant, decisive and self-confident Sun Sign involved, this can be the most magical and loving relationship.