Compatibility – Leo Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to distinguishing how well Signs match, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Match of Leo Moon and Aries Moon

Match Leo and Aries

This is a pairing, which often appears in the world of celebrities. Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are some examples for this combination. Both are Fire Signs. Thus, they have similarly expressive energy. Still, Leo is not nearly as uncomplicated as Aries when it comes to relationships. Leo is proud and hurts easily when Aries does not fulfill his claim to admiration. Also, Leo is much lazier than Aries and enjoys a luxurious life more than an adventurous life. In general, this combination of Signs can be glorious, since both Signs are similarly passionate, hot-tempered, self-centered and energetic.

If Aries enjoys to admire Leo and Leo doesn’t demand too much attention from Aries, it is an excellent combination. But there can be quite some power tussles since both are dominant -always aspiring to gain the upper hand.

Match of Leo Moon and Taurus Moon

Match Leo and Taurus

Taurus and Leo are both fixed Signs, which means that both enjoy stability and consistency in their relationships. Also, those two Signs are the hedonists of the Zodiac, because enjoyment of life to its fullest is the priority to both of them. Moreover, both Signs love a loaded bank account and know how to get it. In contrast to Leo, however, sensual Taurus finds enjoyment in a simple life (as long as all of his senses are satisfied), whereas Leo is an eccentric – always on the lookout for a grander, richer, more beautiful lifestyle. If Leo is not satisfied, he can get provocatively demanding and restless like a little child, who wants candy and attention. This can frustrate Taurus at times, but he knows how to calm down Leo. 

A minefield can be the spending behavior of Leo since Taurus is a Gatherer and prefers to have assets to feel secure, whereas Leo spends with both hands. This can result in conflict and when those two fight, no-one is safe. That’s because both tend to be inflexible. Taurus is incredibly stubborn, while Leo has a hot temper. On the other hand, this temper can produce a lot of passion between these two.

Connection between Leo Moon and Gemini Moon

Match Leo and Gemini

Gemini (as an Air Sign) and Leo (as a Fire Sign) make a fun, sociable, talkative and charming couple. Their relationship will probably mostly take place in broad daylight amongst colleagues, friends or other social events.

It definitely won’t ever get boring with these two. At times, Gemini’s flaky nature might annoy Leo, however, whereas Gemini might get frustrated with Leo’s self-portraying theatricality. Other than that, there are no other problematic issues between these two.

Match of Leo Moon and Cancer Moon

Match Leo and Cancer

These two signs have a lot of love to give, but their kind of love is very different. Cancer’s love is maternal, nurturing, caring and quiet, whereas Leo’s love is passionate, loud, dramatic and expressive. The less passionate side of Cancer might be mistaken for lack of love by Leo. Then he might not feel as desired at times. If that is the case, theatrical Leo demands more passion (as a sign of love), but sensitive Cancer encloses inside of his shell – feeling under pressure. As a result, Cancer feels misunderstood, since Leo makes him think that he falls in love (which actually is Cancer’s area of expertise). 

When Cancer feels this profoundly misunderstood, he can get incredibly hurtful – sometimes even days after the insult. Since he is one of the two most sensitive Zodiac Signs, he knows exactly how to afflict the greatest pain. As a result, Leo considers Cancer insensitive who answers by completely withholding admiration for his partner. Without the admiration, Leo requires, he starts degrading highly sensitive Cancer even more. When both signs are self-confident and their ego is less important than their love, this connection can be beautiful though. They simply have to understand each other’s love language. Then one grandiose way of love is combined with another grandiose kind of love. 

Match of Leo Moon and Leo Moon

Match Leo and Leo

When two Leos meet, there can be two different scenarios. In the first scenario, they have a constant, narcissistic battle for attention, affection, and admiration. In the other scenario, though, they produce the romance of a lifetime. Being the emotionally grandiose, dramatic and warm-hearted people they are, they can give each other the theatrical stage both require and create a story together, which would be worth filming. The second scenario is more likely. Also, they are endlessly passionate.

When it does come to fights, though, this passion turns into a choleric temper. Then everything gets blown out of proportion. Neither one of them is willing to indulge, which can endanger the otherwise very strong foundation of this relationship. If they do overcome these occasional fights and switch back to admiring each other, they can live happily ever after and stay wildly in love – till they drop dead. One example of this union is the marriage of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. 

Match of Leo Moon and Virgo Moon

Match Leo and Virgo

This can be a rather difficult companionship. Critical Virgo can hurt Leo’s ego deeply and when Leo is hurt, there is no bottom to his pride. If he doesn’t get the unconditional admiration he claims but instead gets criticized, he starts degrading his partner to upgrade himself and restore his self-image. The second Virgo feels degraded, she gets distant and cold, which drains Leo emotionally, who strives for passion, excitement, and constant attention. Both feel underappreciated and overcompensate by not appreciating each other. Instead, they rather tend to wallow in their discontent – feeling insufficient. 

Still, if Virgo understands, that she has to tone down the criticism, whereas Leo has to tone down his claim for constant admiration, they can make it work. Also, both should be willing to get off their high horses they like to sit on alone – for the sake of the relationship. 

Match of Leo Moon and Libra Moon

Match Leo and Libra

This is THE perfect match. Both prioritize beauty, sensuality, convivial sociability, and enjoyment. High social status is also quite important to these two. Moreover, both have an addiction to social affirmation. If Leo’s desire to be admired is fulfilled, he becomes emotionally profoundly generous. Since Libra strives to give her partner what he needs, Libra completely satisfies Leo in this regard. In turn, Leo fulfills Libra’s need too. When it comes to conflicts these two will reconcile quickly for sure since Libra knows exactly how to calm Leo’s hot temper with her playful charms. 

All in all the theatrical eccentricity of passionate Leo and the seductive, light-hearted diplomacy of elegant Libra complement each other perfectly – as seen in the relationship of David Bowie (Leo Moon) and his wife Iman (Libra Moon). 

Match of Leo Moon and Scorpio Moon

Although Leo is a Fire Sign and Scorpio is a Water Sign, these two don’t extinct each other. Rather it is an utterly hot, steamy and explosive combination in this case. That’s because both are incredibly passionate and physical people. The intense, magnetic presence and strong sexual aura of Scorpio can be very intriguing to Leo since he strives for passion. In turn, the authenticity and natural self-confidence of Leo will be appealing to the truth-seeking Scorpio Moon.

Since Scorpio knows no middle ground emotionally, he loves wholeheartedly to the end of the world and back. Thus, he can channel endless admiration for his partner which will satisfy Leo’s needs. The intensity of Scorpio might get a little too much for Leo though, but they will probably reconcile for the sake of their passion or kill each other one of these days. An exemplary couple: Miley Cyrus (Scorpio Moon) and Liam Hemsworth (Leo Moon).

Match of Leo Moon and Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius wants to feel and experience everything to its fullest, have one adventure after the other and fight for something worth fighting for. He is always on the hunt for adrenaline and endorphins – rarely finding them in the peace of his own home, whereas Leo enjoys a more comfortable life. He doesn’t need adventures,  as long as there’s music, delicious food, beauty, and sex to enjoy. Still, these two have matching temperaments, since both are incredibly passionate Fire Signs.

However, the explosive and unrestrained heat of Sagittarius can burn Leo – when Sagittarius shoots his verbal arrows at Leo. Then Leo’s ego can get hurt which results in limitless pride. If their egos are more important than their love, they can spiral into an endless battle about who of them is in the right – never actually getting to a conclusion.

Match of Leo Moon and Capricorn Moon

These two have utterly different spirits, but actually a quite similar mind. Probably this is the reason why there are so many couples with this constellation. Capricorn is practical, down-to-earth and an impeccable economist, who strives for security. Leo – not so much. Instead, he is rather impractical for the sake of his big dreams, flies high up in the sky – always aiming for the stars. Also, Leo chooses courage over security and spends tons of money to fulfill all of his decadent wishes, unlike frugal Capricorn. What unites them is their idealism and natural authority. If they don’t constantly battle to gain the upper hand, these two can make an impeccable duo – especially in business. 

In a relationship, however, Leo can feel a little emotionally drained and disconnected, whereas Capricorn can get frustrated because of Leo’s inconsiderate spending behavior. Also, Leo might miss passion because Capricorn tends to be restrained. On the other hand, Capricorn’s poker face can be quite intriguing to Leo. If both parties accept their different energies, Leo can open Capricorn’s mind for the more beautiful, enjoyable sides of the world – despite work. In turn, Capricorn can give Leo stability.

Match of Leo Moon and Aquarius Moon

These two Signs are completely different. The detached and overly intellectual side of Aquarius can drive passionate Leo crazy, whereas the eccentric, self-involved theatricality of Leo can annoy Aquarius. One strives for passion, the other one for intellectual stimulation. Although Leo is a Fire Sign and Aquarius is an Air Sign, there are not a lot of sparks flying through the air – unless there are other strong indicators in other placements of the chart. 

For example, Aquarius Moon in combination with a Fire or Water Sun or Venus, is much more emotional, sparks with originality and is incredibly charismatic. If that is the case, Leo will definitely be highly intrigued by this interesting, walking phenomenon, called Aquarius Moon. Then, Aquarius (being eccentric himself) will definitely enjoy Leo’s eccentricity. Though free-spirited Aquarius will not constantly admire Leo, these two can have a ton of fun and original ideas together. 

Match of Leo Moon and Pisces Moon

These two are as different as it gets. Leo incorporates the „self,“ whereas Pisces lacks a strong sense of a self-identity. Thus, there can be two outcomes in this relationship. Either, Leo exploits the selfless, giving nature of Pisces completely – always claiming for more and more or he teaches Pisces to develop a self-identity and nurtures him with his generous love. That really depends on how content Leo is since he can switch those two patterns of behavior quite swiftly. 

If the first case overweighs, this relationship can actually be very toxic to Pisces, who will give and give – carrying a stage around for Leo to perform her „I am awesome“ monologues by transforming into a mirror without being seen at all himself.