Compatibility – Gemini Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to the connection between Signs, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Connection between Gemini Moon and Aries Moon

Connection Gemini Moon and Aries Moon

Aries and Gemini are very much alike when it comes to their high energy levels. They both have a constant urge to stay active and on the light/uncomplicated side of life. These two can have the most sparkling, enthusiastic and adventurous life together. Gemini is an Air Sign, whereas Aries is a Fire Sign. Air is the element which inflames Fire which means that those Signs energize each other. Moreover, Aries teaches Gemini decisiveness and concentration, whereas Gemini broadens the intellectual horizon of Aries. Together, these Signs are big on socializing, and sporting activities.

As perfect as this combination might be, the indecisiveness and lack of direction can be frustrating to Aries at times. Still, this pairing is as good as it gets.

Connection between Gemini Moon and Taurus Moon

Connection Gemini Moon and Taurus Moon

Those two tempers are very different. Gemini constantly wants to move – physically, intellectually and emotionally. Intellectual stimulation and variety in daily life are crucial for Gemini, whereas slow Taurus enjoys the opposite and tends to be lazy. In the long run, the inflexibility of Taurus can frustrate Gemini, whereas the flaky and nervous temper of Gemini might be stressful for Taurus.

Moreover, Taurus strives for a tranquil daily routine, because he needs a sense of security. This routine, however, is a toxin to Gemini. On the other hand, Taurus’ steadiness can make Gemini feel more at peace at times, while the urge of Gemini to stay active can mobilize Taurus more often. If those two can accept their different needs and give each other the freedom to construct their individual everyday life, this union can be quite an enrichment.

Connection between Gemini Moon and Gemini Moon

Connection Gemini Moon and Gemini Moon

Those two will make each other fly. It’s unlikely, that one of them will get bored with the other since both are always on the hop – striving for intellectual stimulation, new experiences, and encounters. Also, it’s unlikely, that they will ever shut up because both are extremely talkative. The genesis of a relationship, however, can actually provide some difficulties, since both are overly intellectual, have commitment issues, don’t act on pure emotion but rather on sensibility and are incredibly indecisive. High intellect does not go all too well with love. 

Also, a Gemini Moon tends to intellectualize feelings and escape from deeply emotional situations, which can stand in the way of an emotional connection between the two. Other than that, they are simply perfect for each other, since no-one understands the needs, and wants of a Gemini Moon better than another Gemini Moon. Also, no-one can fulfill these needs better. 

Connection between Gemini Moon and Cancer Moon

Connection Gemini Moon and Cancer Moon

These two will probably never agree on anything, BUT they can complement each other perfectly if they accept their differences. The biggest difference is Cancer’s need for a rather calm, simple and traditional life with a lot of possibilities to withdraw from the hectic outside world, whereas Gemini incorporates the hectic outside world.

Because of these personality differences, however, they actually make a great fit. Gemini brings out the active side of Cancer – opening him up for new experiences. In turn, Cancer has a soothing effect on restless Gemini. He can give him a little peace of mind once in a while. So, if there are other aspects in the birth chart, which indicate compatibility – concerning the vitality of the two (like compatible Sun Signs for example), they can build an unshatterable bond like Goldie Hawn (Gemini Moon) and Kurt Russell (Cancer Moon). At least, as long as both understand and accept their different needs.

Connection between Gemini Moon and Leo Moon

Connection Gemini Moon and Leo Moon

Gemini (as an Air Sign) and Leo (as a Fire Sign) make a fun, sociable, talkative and charming couple. Their relationship will probably mostly take place in broad daylight amongst colleagues, friends or other social events.

It definitely won’t ever get boring with these two. At times, Gemini’s flaky nature might annoy Leo, however, whereas Gemini might get frustrated with Leo’s self-portraying theatricality. Other than that, there are no other problematic issues between these two.

Connection between Gemini Moon and Virgo Moon

Connection Gemini Moon and Virgo Moon

Both Signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet which rules our mind. Thus, both tend to intellectualize feelings. As friends, they will challenge each other’s intellect to grow, since they are the most curious Signs of the Zodiac. Thus, they won’t ever go out of themes to talk about. When it comes to a relationship, however, Gemini’s flaky nature and out-of-sight-out-of-mind-policy will get on Virgo’s nerves, whereas Virgo’s pettiness will annoy Gemini.

Also, these two don’t burst with passion, since Virgo has to be able to trust in order of letting loose, but Gemini doesn’t give Virgo enough emotional security to do so. Gemini, on the other hand, adapts quickly to the temperament of her companion. Thus, Gemini can be quite passionate with Fire Signs, whereas Earth Signs don’t usually unleash his passionate side – unless, of course, there are other placements in the birth chart indicating otherwise.

Connection between Gemini Moon and Libra Moon

Connection Gemini Moon and Libra Moon

This is a beautifully light combination. Both are sociable Air Signs, who love company. Libra and Gemini know how to invigorate every one with their charms and wit. Together, they bring fun, light, laughter, flirt, and wit to every social group. They make each other fly since both are playful, light and free in this combination – almost like children.

Even though Libra is just as flirty and flaky as Gemini, the need for emotional affection and tenderness is more distinct. Thus, Gemini’s slightly disloyal nature might evoke insecurities – concerning fidelity. Also, these two are both indecisive. Thus, they might lack direction in this relationship, if there aren’t other placements in the birth chart indicating a more decisive nature.

Connection between Gemini Moon and Scorpio Moon

These two Signs are very different. Gemini is light, flaky and all over the place, whereas Scorpio has a dark and intense side to him. This dark side will awaken Gemini’s curiosity to find out more about the Scorpio intellectually. But although Gemini can be profoundly fascinated by Scorpio’s magnetic, sexual presence and deep mind, he can feel constrained by Scorpio’s possessiveness. In turn, Scorpio’s possessiveness only grows when his trust diminishes.

Since Gemini’s curiosity drives him to one adventure after the other, he is reluctant to set on anything. This unwillingness to settle makes him appear untrustworthy, which drives Scorpio into maddening jealousy. Then he becomes overly controlling of his partner, which drives Gemini even further away. Thus, these two are in a devil’s circle together. Still, this is quite an interesting match, which can cause Gemini to evolve emotionally and Scorpio to require more lightness.

Connection between Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Moon

This match is simply perfect. Although Sagittarius is the opposite Sign of Gemini, the tempers, energies, and interests are quite similar. Both Signs have a high energy level, are fun, sociable, adventurous and curious about everything the world has to offer. They differ from each other emotionally, since Gemini is more intellectual whereas Sagittarius is much more emotional.

Also, Gemini has a lighter, almost flaky temper whereas Sagittarius is more intense and likes to exaggerate when it comes to emotions. However, those differences don’t stay in the way of the relationship at all. Actually, the Signs complement each other perfectly because they inflame each other. Thus, these two can have the most exciting life together.

Connection between Gemini Moon and Capricorn Moon

Gemini is an Air Sign whereas Capricorn is an Earth Sign. This combination of elements can produce a rather sober than passionate connection. Also, the severity of a Capricorn Moon can drag down the lightness of Gemini since Gemini quickly adapts to the temperaments of his companions. Capricorn, on the other hand, has difficulties building trust because of the flaky and uncommited nature of Gemini. Since both Signs tend to rationalize emotions and distance themselves from them, building a pure emotional connection can present difficulties if there aren’t other clearly emotional indicators in the birth chart (like Water/ Fire Sun/Venus or Mars Signs).

Also, Capricorn has to feel secure to be able to let his guard down and relax in the presence of others. Thus, he needs stability and a routine, which will prove to him, that he can count on his partner. That can be a challenge to Gemini because he leads a strict out-of-eyes-out-of-mind-policy. Sometimes it might happen, that Gemini won’t even be texting for weeks without noticing how hurtful it is. Consequently, Capricorn will shut down completely – instead of putting the issue on the table, which probably will be the right way to go anyway since Gemini has a way of trivializing or ignoring emotional confrontations .

Connection between Gemini Moon and Aquarius Moon

This is the best match for companionship since both Signs are Air Signs who love to experiment and discover new things. Also, their need for independence coincides, since both are free-spirited. This is one of the few combinations where Aquarius can feel understood and free.

Still, starting a relationship can present a challenge, however, since both are overly intellectual, have commitment issues and don’t act on pure emotion. However, if they manage to overcome these issues, they are perfect for each other. And as contradictory, as it might sound the lack of emotional connection, presents emotional support for both of them. That’s because they don’t feel the pressure to be more emotional and committed as they do with all of the other Signs. They simply accept each other’s detached side, because they don’t feel comfortable with deep emotions anyway. Thus they don’t claim for more since they give each other exactly what they need.

Connection between Gemini Moon and Pisces Moon

These two have similarly diffuse energy and similarly diffuse perceptions of self-identity. Together those Signs might lack direction since both Signs are indecisive and adaptable. However, they do understand each other energetically, even though their ways to feel differ distinctly from each other.

Gemini could be a little too insensitive for Pisces, whereas the deep emotionality of Pisces can be completely overwhelming for intellectual Gemini. Usually, a Gemini Moon doesn’t feel comfortable when it comes to deep emotions. Pisces, on the other hand, can’t help but feel them constantly. Thus, this combination can be challenging for both Signs, since they don’t fulfill each other’s needs.