Compatibility – Capricorn Moon

The most important part of a birth chart is the Moon placement since the Moon Sign is the Sign of the soul. Thus, when it comes to a pairing of Signs, it is much more important to compare the Moon Signs than the Sun Signs. However, when it comes to love, Venus Signs and Mars Signs also play a huge role.

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Aries Moon

Pairing Capricorn and Aries

In this combination, both Signs have incredible will power and ambition. They are not afraid to force through their needs and usually get what they aimed for. The difference is: Aries acts on impulse, whereas Capricorn is a controlled strategizer. Capricorn has to remain in control of the situation and plan ahead for the future, whereas Aries lives in the here and now – unwilling to be limited in his freedom. Also, he is less conservative than the Capricorn Moon and doesn’t put as much value on the validation of society.

If Capricorn accepts and appreciates this free spirit of Aries, this is a powerful and productive combination. If that isn’t the case, however, this can also be a restrictive one. Especially when Capricorn tries to restrain and control the vigor of Aries or even limit his freedom for his own purposes. Also, both Signs have horns which can be challenging, too since both are stubborn people. But if they manage to overcome these challenges, they can implement enormous changes in the world (as seen in the former power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie).

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Taurus Moon

Pairing Capricorn and Taurus

Taurus and Capricorn are both Earth Signs. Thus, they are similarly spirited people. Both of them are dependable, reliable, realistic, practical, down-to-earth people and impeccable economists. Since they profoundly understand each other’s needs for assets, security, and consistency, they build a solid union. However, the connection can be a little sober and severe. Taurus also might lack the satisfaction of his sensual desires since Capricorn is rather strict. In turn, Capricorn might be annoyed by Taurus’ laziness.

On the other hand, these two give each other a sense of stability, which lets disciplined Capricorn relax at times. Moreover, Taurus has the ability to tease out Capricorn’s sensuality. Also, he can open his mind for the more beautiful, enjoyable sides of the world – despite work. In general, these two make a perfect couple. When it comes to conflicts, however, both have horns and they won’t yield under any circumstance. 

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Gemini Moon

Pairing Capricorn and Gemini

Gemini is an Air Sign whereas Capricorn is an Earth Sign. This combination of elements can produce a rather sober than passionate connection. Also, the severity of a Capricorn Moon can drag down the lightness of Gemini since Gemini quickly adapts to the temperaments of his companions. Capricorn, on the other hand, has difficulties building trust because of the flaky and uncommited nature of Gemini. Since both Signs tend to rationalize emotions and distance themselves from them, building a pure emotional connection can present difficulties if there aren’t other clearly emotional indicators in the birth chart (like Water/ Fire Sun/Venus or Mars Signs).

Also, Capricorn has to feel secure to be able to let his guard down and relax in the presence of others. Thus, he needs stability and a routine, which will prove to him, that he can count on his partner. That can be a challenge to Gemini because he leads a strict out-of-eyes-out-of-mind-policy. Sometimes it might happen, that Gemini won’t even be texting for weeks without noticing how hurtful it is. Consequently, Capricorn will shut down completely – instead of putting the issue on the table, which probably will be the right way to go anyway since Gemini has a way of trivializing or ignoring emotional confrontations.

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Cancer Moon

Pairing Capricorn and Cancer

Cancer and Capricorn stand in opposition to each other. That means, that one incorporates all the qualities the other one lacks. Cancer is highly emotional, sensitive, empathic, maternal, nurturing and caring. Capricorn, on the other hand, never takes off his poker face, always keeps his cool and manages down his emotions to stay as efficient as possible. Because of these differences, they can learn a lot from each other. Capricorn can learn to open up emotionally once in a while – actually working through his feelings instead of only suppressing them. Cancer, on the other hand, can learn to manage emotions more efficiently – at least a little bit. Then Cancer is Capricorn’s natural detox whereas Capricorn is Cancer’s carriage to accommodate him and drive him towards his goals. 

These differences can cause profound insecurities on Cancer’s side, also – because he might feel like a loser next to Capricorn. That’s because Capricorn has a certain set of values where ambition and will power are the top qualities. As the Sign which knows best how to manage emotions, Capricorn has the highest implementation skills himself. Thus, he simply can’t comprehend how his opposite sign Cancer (who is least capable to manage emotions) only ever acts on feelings. Cancer, in turn, can’t understand Capricorn’s obsession with high social standing and a position of power. If Capricorn doesn’t think he is the-non-plus-ultra, but instead values Cancer’s emotionality, while Cancer doesn’t victimize himself at every turn, these two have great potential together.  

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Leo Moon

Pairing Capricorn and Leo

These two have utterly different spirits, but actually a quite similar mind. Probably this is the reason why there are so many couples with this constellation. Capricorn is practical, down-to-earth and an impeccable economist, who strives for security. Leo – not so much. Instead, he is rather impractical for the sake of his big dreams, flies high up in the sky – always aiming for the stars. Also, Leo chooses courage over security and spends tons of money to fulfill all of his decadent wishes, unlike frugal Capricorn. What unites them is their idealism and natural authority. If they don’t constantly battle to gain the upper hand, these two can make an impeccable duo – especially in business. 

In a relationship, however, Leo can feel a little emotionally drained and disconnected, whereas Capricorn can get frustrated because of Leo’s inconsiderate spending behavior. Also, Leo might miss passion because Capricorn tends to be restrained. On the other hand, Capricorn’s poker face can be quite intriguing to Leo. If both parties accept their different energies, Leo can open Capricorn’s mind for the more beautiful, enjoyable sides of the world – despite work. In turn, Capricorn can give Leo stability.

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Virgo Moon

Pairing Capricorn and Virgo

This is the second most common pairing amongst my friends, which really isn’t surprising since this match is indeed perfect. Both Signs are Earth Signs and thus impeccable economists, who put great value on security and matter. Both Signs are practical, down-to-earth, reliable and feel most at peace in a traditional lifestyle. Also, they both need a similar amount of retreat since both Signs are workaholics. Thus, the needs go into the same direction and the understanding for each others way of life roots deeply. These two Signs can give each other a great amount of security, which is a big deal since both Signs have great difficulties trusting other people, giving away control and letting loose once in a while.

However, since both of them have a profound sense of responsibility and are similarly perfectionistic, they can trust each other and find peace in each other’s support. Also, insecure Virgo adjusts perfectly to the rhythm of decisive and strong-willed Capricorn, whereas Capricorn feels light and at ease with flexible Virgo. As perfect as this might sound, there is some conflict potential though, because of their similarities. Criticism, for example, is toxic for both parties since their striving for perfection is built on guilt. When they receive criticism, it can utterly hurt their egos – resulting in cold and sober conduct with each other. They tend to shut each other out, rather than understand that criticism really isn’t the end of the world. Also, Virgo can get angry being overruled by Capricorn all the time – feeling like a servant, rather than a beloved one.

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Libra Moon

Pairing Capricorn and Libra

There is nothing like a relationship of two with the Moon Sign, which symbolizes relationship and love. Both are always willing to meet each other’s needs, don’t care for conflicts and strive to conceive as well as give affection. Thus, these two can have the most beautiful, most tender, most respectful, most loving, most affectionate and most assertive relationship at all times.

BUT it can get quite confusing also since neither one of them are in touch with their own needs. As a result, they can get into a vicious circle – always trying to accommodate the wishes of the other. Still, this is an amazing match made for eternity. Especially, if one of them has a more decisive and dominant Sun Sign. 

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Moon

There is one question to answer in this combination. Who is the one in control? It’s impossible to answer since both Signs have the compulsive need to attain the upper hand. Still, it probably won’t be a challenge in this relationship since the connection of these two highly loyal people will heighten the trust in each other’s fidelity. 

As a result, Scorpio’s jealousy issues will diminish, whereas Capricorn will feel secure enough to open up in a relationship. Also, Scorpio’s magnetically sexual energy complements Capricorn’s restrained sexuality. Scorpio even has the power to awaken Capricorn’s incredibly sexual power, which usually hides beneath his poker face since Capricorn’s trusts Scorpio. 

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Sagittarius Moon

The strictness of Capricorn doesn’t go well with unrestrained Sagittarius. Let’s just say if there is a couple with this combination, it won’t be because of their Moon Signs. There is actually no reason for these two to find each other appealing. Capricorn lacks security with adventurous Sagittarius, whereas Sagittarius lacks adventures with security-oriented Capricorn. 

As a conservative and constrained Earth sign, Capricorn has the power to extinct Sagittarius. In turn, Sagittarius knows how to burn Capricorn. If they don’t accept their different approach to life, there is nothing to hold them together. If they do, however, and have utterly self-sufficient lives with their individual paths, they can make a gorgeous couple. Amal Clooney (Sagittarius) and George Clooney (Capricorn) are one example. 

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Capricorn Moon

This is a rather sober pairing since both Signs are controlling, reserved and severe. Still, they understand each other better than anyone else could. Also, their aspirations go in the same direction. Both have a similar set of values and prefer a secure life – emotionally and financially. Moreover, they both are incredibly dependable, persisting and ambitious. Thus, they have the ability to support each other. Also, they challenge each other to grow – in a constant competition to be the best.

Their reliability is a huge advantage since letting go and allowing intimacy is challenging to both parties. Also, giving up control appears to be impossible usually, since other Signs tend to let the ambitious Capricorn Moon down. Thus, they first have to build trust and who is more trustworthy than another Capricorn Moon. Consequently, this is one of the rare combinations where Capricorn learns to just relax once in a while.

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Aquarius Moon

Capricorn wants to seal the deal, needs a great amount of security to let loose and accept intimacy, whereas Aquarius gets claustrophobia as soon as someone approaches him with a rope to tie the knot. Also, both signs tend to control their basic urges and feelings. Thus, this connection will be rather intellectual than an emotional or sexual one. Actually, that can be an advantage to both, since deep emotions are usually very unsettling to both of them.

Still, this relationship can be exciting – especially for Capricorn. That’s because Aquarius (Sign which develops after Capricorn) breaks the blinders of Capricorn – introducing him to a completely different world. Whether Capricorn enjoys this excitement, depends on other placements in the birth chart. If Capricorn is a rather strict person with distinctly conventional values, this excitement can be an unpleasant challenge to him. In that case, Aquarius will get intellectually bored and run away from the chains of Capricorn’s mind. Still, as long as Capricorn’s striving for security won’t restrain Aquarius’ striving for freedom, these two can make it work.

Pairing: Capricorn Moon and Pisces Moon

This is a beautiful combination, which enriches both sides of the relationship enormously. Because of the clear self-identity of Capricorn, it is easier to Pisces to perceive a self in this relationship. Thus, Pisces conceives support without Capricorn having to lift as much as a finger. Pisces can lead a parallel life and understand his needs next to Capricorn. In turn, Capricorn feels nurtured by the accepting and idealizing Pisces – feeling enabled to be more emotional in his presence. Thus, Pisces softens Capricorn, whereas Capricorn hardens Pisces. Still, the chaos, lack of stability and reliability of Pisces can utterly frustrate Capricorn. As a result, Capricorn might have difficulties trusting Pisces.

Distrust unsettles Pisces who develops a sense of personal insufficiency – causing him to escape and shut down emotionally. Since Pisces never demands, he won’t evoke notice of that, however. That’s why Capricorn won’t know why and how he hurt Pisces. At the same time, Capricorn won’t receive emotional support from the escapist Pisces – leading him into denial and emotional repression. At one point or another, both parties will feel emotionally drained and distant. However, they actually can easily overcome these phases in the relationship. If Capricorn understands that chaos is part of the deal and trust is absolutely necessary despite the chaos, while Pisces learns that keeping things in order makes Capricorn feel more secure, this will be a long-lasting duo (like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones).