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Our body is our temple. No-one understands that better than Taurus. We should, therefore, learn to celebrate it, value it, spoil it, pamper it and keep it healthy at the same time. It’s our greatest and most powerful instrument.

Each Zodiac Sign has different issues concerning his body, because of the different psyches. But know this: the following article consists of guidelines, but could NEVER substitute a doctor. Also, don’t forget you have planets in several Zodiac Signs. Thus, your Sun Sign might not even be remotely the most important in your birth chart. To detect which particular energy concerns you most, you can either read the article and decide for yourself or calculate your birth chart to find out your Moon or dominant Sign which usually are much more significant than the Sun Sign.

Also, stress as a high-risk factor in our world today, the overexploitation of resources and lack of exercise concerns most people in industrial countries. Thus, the guidelines for the Fire Signs (stress) and Earth Signs (lack of exercise) concern most Signs. That’s because the world surrounding us always plays a crucial part in how constructively or destructively we develop and use our fundamental energy.

The body of Fire Signs

In the case of Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), the part of the body which is mostly concerned is the cardiovascular system.


Body of Aries - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Aries is a hot-headed Sign – always forging ahead. His impatience originates from his quick stimulus conduction throughout his whole nervous system. As a Hunter, he reacts particularly quickly to danger signals. That happens on a primal base without his consciousness being involved. Since we are surrounded by “danger signals” (flashy lights, red color, loud noises) at all times, Aries is constantly heated.

Physiologically that means, that the hormone noradrenaline is released into the bloodstream. As a result, our blood vessels constrict. Because of the constriction, blood pressure heightens to prepare our body to fight or to flight. These reactions are catalyzed by a primal part of our nervous system – called the sympathetic nervous system. The effects of activation are arousal, alertness, and readiness for action.

Psychologically it means, that a typical Aries feels constant inner tension and might have difficulties relaxing. Sometimes sudden waves of sheer enthusiasm can be exchanged with sudden waves of anger. These emotions are boiling in our vessels. Imagine Fire running through your veins constantly.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

…Aries usually does the exact right thing, because he simply always feels that he has to move: sports. That’s why Aries is the most athletic Sign because he is always activated. BUT Aries tends to do activities which remind him of a risky fight or flight situation and let him experience his own strength. In general, this works well for his emotional health since those activities are able to power out even Aries. But in order to keep his vascular system healthy, not the training of strength but endurance training is key (cardio). At least as a regular addition to the other activities.

In order to release the inner tension, there is another part of the nervous system which deserves attention: the parasympathetic nervous system. This part is the counterpart of the sympathetic nervous system. Thus is activates as soon as our bodies know they are safe and it’s time to relax. It catalyzes the opposite reactions of the sympathetic nervous system and also is responsible for our digestion. In order of running a lower risk to develop inflammations, a nervous stomach, cardiovascular diseases or headaches (because of the constant heat), the parasympathetic nervous system has to be activated more often during the day by withdrawing from danger signals and seeking quiet – as much as Aries might hate it.


Body of Leo - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Leo is also a hot head, but in contrast to athletic Aries, he can be quite lazy actually. Although he generates a similar amount of energy, this energy is not directed towards staying in constant physical action but rather towards staying in the constant spotlight. Leo wants to reach the top of the hierarchy or be the star on a stage. As a result, he evokes a life full of stressful circumstances since there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders to maintain his sparkling image and authority.

The wish to shine goes hand in hand with the wish to be rewarded. And Leo feels he deserves a lot of rewards. Thus he is a little hedonistic, tends to eat and drink a little bit too much while exercising a little bit too little. Stress, hedonism, and lack of exercise are the biggest enemies of the cardiovascular system. Arteriosclerosis (deposits in the blood vessels) can clog the blood vessels causing heart attacks or strokes in later stages of life.

In general, that means he has a similar energy to Aries. The difference is – there is no direct physical outlet for it.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

…endurance training is absolutely inevitable. This is the only way to protect the heart by training the arteries. Also, a diet with more good cholesterol (HDL) than “bad” cholesterol (LDL) will also prevent deposits in the arteries.

The body of Sagittarius

Body of Sagittarius - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sagittarius is the last hothead in the list. Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius loves to give in to exorbitance, which can dramatically overwhelm all organs (mostly liver). Especially since adventurous Sagittarius wants to try everything for the next big rush – drugs, alcohol, food and dangerous adventures included. Thus, the greatest health danger for a Sagittarius is his wishful nature and boundless desire for more. Also, his limitless effort when he is passionately involved in projects (which he usually is) endanger his health, because he works wholeheartedly while ignoring his physical needs. Then he tends to completely numb down signals of the body with 20 cups of coffee or 40 cigarettes a day and so on.

Although these are beautiful qualities, they can actually drive Sagittarius into utter madness. Now imagine the same amount of energy which Aries generates + the limitless and aimless desire of Sagittarius. This is an explosive combination. Usually, we associate Sagittarius with his enthusiastic and wildly optimistic spirit. BUT when Sagittarius encounters a tragedy in life, the intensity of his mourning is just as strong. This boundless emotional life in combination with his absolutistic character can even lead him into suicide because the intensity of his emotions and his unwillingness to think beyond the edge of the now makes him think there is no lighter tomorrow.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

… mindfulness is key. Of course, Sagittarius first has to experience some adventures and power himself out through physical activities, like group sports or simply frolicking around or sex. When he is finally all powered out in the evening, then his mind is prepared to focus on mindfulness. Why is mindfulness so important? It’s important for Sagittarius to get in touch with his body needs and physical boundaries since his mind is limitless making him believe that his body is also. There are several ways to raise mindfulness, like autogenic training, post-isometric relaxation or Meditation.

The body of Earth Signs


Body of Taurus - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Taurus is the Sign of the body because Taurus incorporates our birthing planet – Mother Earth. Also, Taurus is usually of good emotional health since he is the most stable of the Zodiac Signs and really can’t be bothered by anything. He is simply too lazy to worry or to sweat the little stuff. That’s because he is a Gatherer who developed to gather energy resources instead of wasting them. But that is actually the most health-endangering part of his personality because he is a relentless couch potato who simply loves NOTHING more than to eat and drink a little bit too much.

Still, since his emotional life is stable (protects arteries; good digestion), he is generally of good physical health, even though he might be a little (to a lot) overweight. Also, he eats well (even though it might be too much at times) because of his sensuality. Knowing good food is in his blood. His own body came to exist to understand what good food should taste, smell, look and feel like on a sensual level. Because of being in touch with Earth on this primal base and his own body, he also prefers natural remedies above drugs. Moreover, he tends to spend a good amount of time in nature. All of the above support his health. Still, hedonism has a way of clogging the arteries. Thus, the measure of enjoyment is key to balancing the energy of Taurus.


Virgo - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Virgo is the Sign which represents physical health and hygiene. Thus, usually, Virgo dominated people are the trendsetters when it comes to detox, green smoothies, power food, organic food – the list goes on and on. That’s because Virgo is keen on keeping herself pure in a way – always aiming for perfection. BUT these pedantic features affect her emotionally since, in order of attaining perfection, she has to stay in control non-stop. In turn, letting loose can become a huge challenge – especially on the toilet. The consequence is obstipation. Digestive disorders, in general, can actually present an issue.

Also, Virgo tends to set (though being a realist) unrealistically high goals for herself to achieve everyday or rather tons of goals. Thus, she usually tends to set herself up for disappointment. Although she accomplishes most of the goals immaculately, she herself ends up with lower self-esteem. Now two things come together: firstly the built up expectations of others and secondly her own insecurities. Consequently, she links the follow-up tasks with anxieties which results in a nervous stomach. But these anxieties don’t only manifest in her organs but also in her posture. Though Virgo tends to take care of herself by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, she doesn’t care for her needs at work at all.

On the one hand, her insecurities lead to a shy posture with protracted shoulders and a slight hunchback at work which weakens the neck muscles resulting in neck or back pain in general. On the other hand, they lead her to self-exploit herself to meet the high expectations of the others while not believing in herself. Sooner or later this self-exploitation leads right into burn-out (if the energy isn’t balanced).

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

… Yoga is key. Well, at least it’s one key since Yoga releases tensions, strengthens muscles, relaxes, and trains your balance – especially poses which open up the upper body are profitable for posture AND digestion. Physical balance is significant to find inner balance since balance arises from an enhanced connection between the self and the universe. The better the balance the deeper the connection. Still, Yoga does not always have the power to also get rid of insecurities. All the other keys you can read in the article “Happiness Virgo”.

The body of Capricorn

Capricorn - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Capricorn usually is of good health since his emotional management system works flawlessly – until the day it doesn’t. When all emotions, which were once denied an outlet for the cost of high efficiency, find their way crawling back into consciousness, it will be time for a nervous breakdown. At this point, people usually are shocked about how deeply emotional Capricorn is behind his poker face. But no worries – it passes quickly and works well as a quick emotional detox.

Health issues usually concern bones, tendons, and joints. That’s because Capricorn tends to overwork himself gloriously – never noticing it himself. Let’s take a look at the knees for example. As the Sign which thrones over the world, Capricorn tends to overextend his knees disconnecting himself from the universe. Intramuscular and intermuscular communication is interrupted. As a result, upper leg muscles become weaker, lower back gets overextended, knee/hip -and vertebra joints aren’t supported enough by the muscles, balance decreases heightening a risk to take part in accidents and so on.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

… slacklining is key since it helps Capricorn to meet his physical boundaries and find balance. Also, a daily portion of communicating feelings can help prevent nervous breakdowns in the long run.

Body of Air Signs


Gemini - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Gemini is probably the most nervous Sign of all. Thus his nervous system is the body area of focus. Always running off to new adventures, soaking up all the information and suffering from constant restlessness, might be a little bit too much for the nerves to handle.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

… Gemini should find a way to calm his nerves down. Meditation, Autogenic training, imaginary journeys, seeking peace and quiet once in a while and Post-isometric relaxation can support the nervous system to handle all the information. But also writing as a way of sorting and organizing the mind, can be helpful. Such as riding a bicycle may help ventilate the lungs and thus, provide the brain with more nutrition.


Libra, as the diplomat of the Zodiac, tends to balance out her environment for the cost of her own inner balance. There are a lot of toxins she absorbs this way since she chooses passive aggressiveness over open confrontation. Holding back her own needs for the sake of everyone else might affect her immune system. Thus, the kidneys, as our natural detoxification department, are the body area of focus.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

… regular detox and a healthy diet rich with antioxidants, and vitamins can help build up the immune system and disburden the kidneys. Also, sauna visits can support the body by sweating out toxins. Alkaline baths, if the body is acidotic, can restore the acid-base balance.


Aquarius - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Aquarius is born right in the middle of Winter with the least amount of natural resources circulating his body. As a child of Winter, he is economical with his energy storing the warmth in the middle of his body to keep his organs well provided with blood whereas the peripheral circulation is downsized. Thus, the body area of focus in the case of Aquarius is the circulatory system. Sometimes he even tends to be economical with emotion relying on the “cold system” in his brain most of the time. If that is the case, this numbness might result in detachment from relationships. Then he stops evoking emotional support from his environment. But every human being has the same basic needs of commitment and emotional comfort – Aquarius also, even though he always keeps his cool and independence. Thus, the lack of emotional connection might lead Aquarius into depression.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

… Aquarius should get outside a lot to get as much sunshine as possible (with sunscreen). Riding a bicycle, swimming, inline skating, running, sequence showering are activities which will increase his peripheral circulation. Also, increasing mindfulness through Meditation, autogenic training, imagery travel, and Yoga support the reattachment with the Earth (intramuscular communication) and thus with the universe and thus with oneself.

Body of Water Signs


Cancer - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Cancer is a highly emotional Sign. Since we feel our emotions inside of our intestines, we sometimes tend to numb our emotions with food. Comfort food is the favorite compensation mechanism of Cancer. Thus the gastrointestinal tract is the body area of focus with Cancer since it can get overwhelmed at times.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

… emotional management is key – for example by writing a diary. But also engaging in activities to release anger issues without suppressing them, like boxing. In general combats sports which can provide a sense of empowerment since Cancer tends to feel like a victim quickly – even though it’s not always justified. Another way of emotional management is provided by breathing exercises (in Yoga for example) since you can also learn to let your feelings go by breathing. But of course, the most effective emotional manager is music. So, simply making playlists in order of evoking different moods can be huge health support to Cancer.


Scorpio - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Scorpio is the most passionate Sign. Since he does everything with the utmost intensity and his will is beyond measure, he rarely knows his physical boundaries – although his will power is a great fundament for a generally healthy nature. Being as intense as Scorpio, he is one of the less balanced Signs. Thus it makes sense to include every guideline from the Signs above in his “balancing energy routine”.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

  1. Emotional management – listening to music, combat sports, breathing exercises
  2. Balance – Yoga, Slacklining
  3. Mindfulness – Meditation, Autogenic training, Post-isometric relaxation
  4. Endurance – riding a bicycle, running, swimming


Pisces - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Pisces is the most sensitive Sign. Like Libra, Pisces absorbs all the energies around him – including toxic energy. Thus, his immune system has to fight a lot which means that Pisces should always take special care of himself. But it’s difficult to care for himself when he is always busy caring for others. Also, it’s challenging to define a self to care for when all the energies around him are as present at all times. It’s like he dissolves into his environment – feeling at its mercy. If that is the case, states of exhaustion can cripple his will power. Because there so is so much information running through his nerves, Pisces sometimes develops an affinity to drugs to drown his nervous system. Also, Pisces tends to have a leptosome stature and a shy posture – in trying to protect himself from the outside world.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

…increasing the strength of his muscles is of particular importance. That’s because a good posture increases confidence and confidence boosts the immune system. Also, Pisces should never feel bad about sleeping too much since he processes tons of information.

Being as sensitive as Pisces, all the other listed guidelines above apply here particularly.

  1. Emotional management – listening to music, combat sports, breathing exercises
  2. Balance – Yoga, Slacklining
  3. Mindfulness – Meditation, Autogenic training, Post-isometric relaxation
  4. Endurance – riding a bicycle, running, swimming
  5. Detox – taking alcaline baths, healthy diet rich with antioxidants, and vitamins

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