Body of Capricorn

Each Zodiac Sign has a different energy. When I say energy I don’t mean an esoterically transfigured concept. Rather I mean that each Sign generates its energy slightly differently because of different psyches. More specifically, our character entails a certain tendency to process information cognitively and then react in different ways physiologically. Thus, our different psyches reflect directly on our bodies. As a result, every Zodiac Sign has different health issues. You can read about the body of tenacious Capricorn and how to keep it healthy in the following.

Tenacious Capricorn - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Capricorn usually is of good health since his emotional management system works flawlessly – until the day it doesn’t. When all emotions, which were once denied an outlet for the cost of high efficiency, find their way crawling back into consciousness, it will be time for a nervous breakdown. At this point, people usually are shocked about how deeply emotional Capricorn is behind his poker face. But no worries – it passes quickly and works well as a quick emotional detox.

Health issues usually concern bones, tendons, and joints. That’s because tenacious Capricorn tends to overwork himself gloriously – never noticing it himself. Let’s take a look at the knees for example. As the Sign which thrones over the world, Capricorn tends to overextend his knees disconnecting himself from the universe. Intramuscular and intermuscular communication is interrupted. As a result, upper leg muscles become weaker, lower back overextends, muscles don’t support knee/hip -and vertebra joints sufficiently, balance decreases heightening a risk to take part in accidents and so on.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

… slacklining is key since it helps Capricorn to meet his physical boundaries and find balance. Also, a daily portion of communicating feelings can help prevent nervous breakdowns in the long run. Getting a massage once in a while also makes a lot of sense.

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