Body of Leo

Each Zodiac Sign has a different energy. When I say energy I don’t mean an esoterically transfigured concept. Rather I mean that each Sign generates its energy slightly differently because of different psyches. More specifically, our character entails a certain tendency to process information cognitively and then react in different ways physiologically. Thus, our different psyches reflect directly on our bodies. As a result, every Zodiac Sign has different health issues. You can read about the body of temperamental Leo and how to keep it healthy in the following.

Body of temperamental Leo - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Leo is also a hot head, but in contrast to athletic Aries, he can be quite lazy actually. Although he generates a similar amount of energy, this energy is not directed towards staying in constant physical action but rather towards staying in the constant spotlight. Leo wants to reach the top of the hierarchy or be the star on a stage. As a result, he evokes a life full of stressful circumstances since there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders to maintain his sparkling image and authority.

The wish to shine goes hand in hand with the wish to be rewarded. And temperamental Leo feels he deserves a lot of rewards. Thus he is a little hedonistic, tends to eat and drink a little bit too much while exercising a little bit too little. Stress, hedonism, and lack of exercise are the biggest enemies of the cardiovascular system. Arteriosclerosis (deposits in the blood vessels) can clog the blood vessels causing heart attacks or strokes in later stages of life.

In general, that means he has a similar energy to Aries. The difference is – there is no direct physical outlet for it.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

…endurance training is absolutely inevitable. This is the only way to protect the heart by training the arteries. Also, a diet with more good cholesterol (HDL) than “bad” cholesterol (LDL) will also prevent deposits in the arteries.

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