Body of Aquarius

Each Zodiac Sign has a different energy. When I say energy I don’t mean an esoterically transfigured concept. Rather I mean that each Sign generates its energy slightly differently because of different psyches. More specifically, our character entails a certain tendency to process information cognitively and then react in different ways physiologically. Thus, our different psyches reflect directly on our bodies. As a result, every Zodiac Sign has different health issues. You can read about the body of independent Aquarius and how to keep it healthy in the following.

Independent Aquarius - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Aquarius is born right in the middle of Winter with the least amount of natural resources circulating his body. As a child of Winter, he is economical with his energy storing the warmth in the middle of his body to keep his organs well provided with blood whereas the peripheral circulation is downsized. Thus, the body area of focus in the case of Aquarius is the circulatory system. Sometimes he even tends to be economical with emotion relying on the “cold system” in his brain most of the time. If that is the case, this numbness might result in detachment from relationships. Then he stops evoking emotional support from his environment. But every human being has the same basic needs of commitment and emotional comfort – Aquarius also, even though he always keeps his cool and stays independent. Thus, the lack of emotional connection might lead Aquarius into depression.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

… Aquarius should get outside a lot to get as much sunshine as possible (with sunscreen). Riding a bicycle, swimming, inline skating, running, sequence showering are activities which will increase his peripheral circulation. Also, increasing mindfulness through Meditation, autogenic training, imagery travel, and Yoga support the reattachment with the Earth (intramuscular communication) and thus with the universe and thus with oneself.

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