Body of Libra

Each Zodiac Sign has a different energy. When I say energy I don’t mean an esoterically transfigured concept. Rather I mean that each Sign generates its energy slightly differently because of different psyches. More specifically, our character entails a certain tendency to process information cognitively and then react in different ways physiologically. Thus, our different psyches reflect directly on our bodies. As a result, every Zodiac Sign has different health issues. You can read about the body of balancing Libra and how to keep it healthy in the following.

Balancing Libra

Libra, as the diplomat of the Zodiac, is always balancing her environment for the cost of her own inner balance. There are a lot of toxins she absorbs this way since she chooses passive aggressiveness over open confrontation. Holding back her own needs for the sake of everyone else might affect her immune system. Thus, the kidneys, as our natural detoxification department, are the body area of focus.

To balance this energy and keep the body healthy…

… regular detox and a healthy diet rich with antioxidants, and vitamins can help build up the immune system and disburden the kidneys. Also, sauna visits can support the body by sweating out toxins. Alkaline baths, if the body is acidotic, can restore the acid-base balance.

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