Body of Taurus

Each Zodiac Sign has a different energy. When I say energy I don’t mean an esoterically transfigured concept. Rather I mean that each Sign generates its energy slightly differently because of different psyches. More specifically, our character entails a certain tendency to process information cognitively and then react in different ways physiologically. Thus, our different psyches reflect directly on our bodies. As a result, every Zodiac Sign has different health issues. You can read about the body of Earth Sign Taurus and how to keep it healthy in the following.

Earth Sign: Taurus

Earth Sign Taurus - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Taurus is the Sign of the body because Taurus incorporates our birthing planet – Mother Earth. Also, Taurus is usually of good emotional health since he is the most stable of the Zodiac Signs and really can’t be bothered by anything. He is simply too lazy to worry or to sweat the little stuff. That’s because he is a Gatherer who developed to gather energy resources instead of wasting them. But that is actually the most health-endangering part of his personality because he is a relentless couch potato who simply loves NOTHING more than to eat and drink a little bit too much.

Still, since his emotional life is stable (protects arteries; good digestion), he is generally of good physical health, even though he might be a little (to a lot) overweight. Also, he eats well (even though it might be too much at times) because of his sensuality. Knowing good food is in his blood. His own body came to exist to understand what good food should taste, smell, look and feel like on a sensual level. Because of being in touch with Earth on this primal base and his own body, he also prefers natural remedies above drugs. Moreover, he tends to spend a good amount of time in nature. All of the above support his health. Still, hedonism has a way of clogging the arteries. Thus, the measure of enjoyment is key to balancing the energy of Taurus but also endurance training to protect the arteries and organs.

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