Astrology and Evolution

Astrology believes that the positions of the planets in the solar system have an influence on us. But we humans can only be influenced by something when we have the receptors (specialized cells that receive information from outside our body). But to develop receptors, humankind has to go through a long period of time and meanwhile through a huge process of mutation as part of evolution. In the following, I will explain how each energy of the 12 Zodiac Signs may have developed.

How did each energy of the 12 Zodiac Signs develop?

To find the answers to that question we need to go way back in time before Astrology emerged 2000 B.C.

Once there was the Homo Erectus about 1.800.000 years ago.  At this point, some of the 12 basic energies of the Zodiac were already inclined, because of basic survival instincts and the needs of former species (like hunger, sexual reproduction, and sociability). Still, they were not fully developed yet. At least not enough to say that those energies were the foundation of the civilizations we know today. This foundation can be traced back to the Homo Erectus, who is deemed to have lived in the African grasslands. That’s where the Homo erectus probably first became a Hunter.

Aries: The Hunter

painting of the zodiac sign and the energy of the Aries from Nastja Stefanyuk

To hunt you need to find your prey, stalk it, generate mere extraordinary forces to catch your target and finally kill it. Therefore, the premises for a successful hunter are high concentration, ambition, and courage. Also, Aries needs to move and think fast. This Hunter energy transfers onto every part of the life of an Aries. For example, the way to speak is direct, free and honest; the way to act is spontaneous, courageous and decisive. He decides with gut instinct whereas reason comes up later. Problematic traits of the Aries energy are impatience, thoughtlessness, and egoism. Then again, this egoism and self- preservation instinct is what preserved our species and established the ground on which it could blossom later on.

The pace of life of an Aries is raging. He is always prepared to force through, fight and defend himself. It’s like he has a compulsion to move forward. That is because as a Hunter he spends a lot of energy hunting down one target. Eating his target gives him about as much energy as he needs for his next hunt. Therefore, he has to keep on moving, to keep on hunting. That is how the Homo Erectus is said to have spread over the African continent. At that time there was a climate change every 100.000 years and the climate change brought a change in vegetation as well. The migration of the Homo Erectus led him to discover more fertile grounds. The endless hunt got tiring and someone had to stay with the children without being in danger at all times. So the Homo Erectus became a Gatherer as well.

Taurus: The Gatherer

painting of the zodiac sign and the energy of the Taurus from Nastja Stefanyuk

Collecting food as another possibility to get nutrition is not an activity that emerged after the Hunter. But the role allocation between Hunter and Gatherer gave the act of gathering a whole different meaning. To search for food and then pick one fruit after the other without losing one’s mind,  Taurus has to be consistent, patient and persevering.  This Gatherer energy transfers to every aspect of the life of a Taurus. For example, they speak in a calm voice and like to gather all kinds of things. A problematic trait of the Taurus is his stubbornness.

Then again, this is what let him hang on, searching and picking fruit inexhaustibly day after day. The Gathering of food as the primal form of the economy made it possible to ration energy resources. Consequently, a fertile soil emerged for a different life content than ensuring survival in the here and now. Especially, since the consumption of meat led to significant brain growth, which in turn led to significant cognitive abilities and with those languages developed.

Gemini: The Nomad

painting of the zodiac sign Gemini from Nastja Stefanyuk

300.000 years ago the Homo sapiens emerged. The “wise human being” came to the planet and registered that he had to move. He had been hunting and gathering for so long in a vegetation zone, which wasn’t the most fertile, that he had to search for other places with more resources and so he did. Homo Sapiens migrated north towards what we today know as the Sahara desert.  But 200.000 years ago it wasn’t a desert, rather it was very fertile ground. On the way the Gemini energy developed.

To move and to leave everything behind to a completely unknown far away place, the Gemini first and foremost had to be curious, agile and mentally vigilant. The best chances to survive included gathering a lot of information about all the new places he passed by. Communication with other living beings was the best form of transmitting information (like the usage of fire for example) and since the Homo Sapiens had developed certain anatomic features the Genesis of language and speech became possible physically and cognitively. Capabilities which the Gemini exploits like no one else. He is talkative and eager to get every information he can get. A problematic trait of the Gemini is his non-binding nature. Then again, this trait is what let him discover more fertile grounds where the Homo Sapiens could finally settle.

Cancer: The Settler

painting of the zodiac sign Cancer from Nastja Stefanyuk

When the Homo Sapiens arrived in the Sahara and in the Fertile Crescent as a Hunter, Gatherer, and Nomad 100.000 years ago, he found paradise. There was enough nutrition, a pleasant climate, but first and foremost enough Water. Consequently, he decided to stay. Living in the same place for a long time where there is no shortage of Food and Water, gave room for something completely different. The development of a much more nuanced emotional life. The zodiac sign of the Gemini already laid the groundwork for the development of empathy on a rational level by interacting inexhaustibly. But the Cancer brought it to the emotional level.

 He bonded with the place and followingly bonded with the people surrounding him. To want to commit you first have to love. What you love you want to protect because you want to keep it safe. This is how the Cancer energy developed. Full of emotion he developed a strong will to commit, to make an emotional connection, to keep everyone safe, to protect beloved ones and to build a beautiful home with a paradise surrounding it – like the paradise where the Cancer energy developed and where later on the first high cultures of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia emerged around the Tigris, Euphrat, and the Nile.

Leo: The Ruler

painting of the zodiac sign Leo from Nastja Stefanyuk

Living in such a paradise for a long period of time without a shortage of Food or Water, knowing everyone surrounding you and feeling safe amongst them led to an unshatterable faith and self-assuredness. Life was good for the Homo Sapiens at that time in those parts of the world. He directed his attention towards everything that felt good to him – like playing with children, dancing, laughing, having sex, eating. But fruit didn’t grow and animals didn’t reproduce as fast as Leo could eat. The once colonized paradise looked less and less like a paradise. Some even moved on to Asia 70.000 years ago, from there some went north 25.000 years ago, partially even passing the Beringia to get to the American continent 15.000 years ago and some went south to Australia 50.000 years ago and of course, some migrated to Europe as well.

But those who stayed in the Fertile Crescent or settled within a similar degree of latitude were sooner or later all introduced to the same problem even while living in different places. The problem consisted of the not-wanting-to-leave-home-part and the not-having-any-resources-anymore-to-actually-stay-part. This dilemma caused chaos and the chaos gave Leo the opportunity to shine. He as the most self-assured introduced the Hierarchy, commanded and made everyone believe with his unshatterable faith, that the problem was manageable and that they should stay and try to solve it. Probably even cattle breeding originated from the energy of Leo.

Virgo: The Cultivator

painting of the zodiac sign Virgo from Nastja Stefanyuk

In every hierarchy, there has to be someone who serves the realm and for every problem, there has to be someone who is a tinkerer; gathering and combining all the information to solve a problem. For this particular problem, this someone had to not only have the capability of solving the problem of planting a seed – so that something could grow, but also make preparations, plan, array, ration, economize and separate the chaff from the wheat.

To do all that work and not give into running away from the task the Homo Sapiens had to develop a strong sense of responsibility and to do all that work successfully he had to be strict, diligent and detail-oriented while still trying to structure and overlook the process. That’s where the energy of Virgo comes in 23.000 years ago when first traces of farming were found in the Mideast.  She is the first Sign of the Zodiac who thinks about the future and with that comes wisdom. But also anxieties and worries and with anxieties and worries come sobriety. Then again these features brought us agriculture and therefore laid the groundwork for the civilizations we know today.  

Libra: The DiplomatMerkenMerken


painting of the zodiac sign Libra from Nastja Stefanyuk

To cultivate a field was a great task, that required multiple hands to work the field. But teamwork was not an easy thing to manage for the egoistic Aries, the stubborn Taurus, the uncommitted Gemini, the moody Cancer, the spoiled Leo, and the wary Virgo. For a diplomatic communal work environment there had to be a diplomat present. Someone who would transform the “I am, I want, Me” to the “We are, we want, us”. That’s how the energy of Libra developed. Everyone’s wants and necessities should be treated with respect and fairness. But still, the Libra had to find compromises – so that the communal work could be peaceful and thus productive. Even though Virgo developed agriculture, the energy of Libra made agriculture successful and let the Earth be rich and beautiful again.

Scorpio: The Survivor


painting of the zodiac sign Scorpio from Nastja Stefanyuk

Around 12.000 years ago the changing climate made the glaciers melt so much that a huge flood occurred at different places of the Earth that had been retold greatly in oral tradition. Later these floods were written down in the Atrahasi- and Gilgamesh-Epos and in one of the first astrological calendars, that some still read today – the Bible. It is written, that all the creatures barely survived it. But in this time of powerlessness and being completely and utterly at the mercy of nature, the Homo Sapiens developed the Scorpio’s energy. A profoundly strong, fierce energy that generated all remaining power and focussed it on survival. Strong-willed and determined he fought for his survival. Everything he did he did with vehemence.

He had to reproduce much more than before since so many had died and so he did fanatically. Also, he had to find food since the paradise from before was nowhere to be found. Then he had to fight off dangers in the wild since there were no protective homes to hide in anymore. In some ways, the flood had left the Homo sapiens with nothing but the knowledge of what he had achieved before, but he survived and so did the knowledge. And while keeping his head above water he probably looked up to the planets and asked: “Why?” Maybe even: “Are you punishing us?”

Sagittarius: The Hoper

painting of the zodiac sign Sagittarius from Nastja Stefanyuk

The flood had passed. Homo Sapiens had survived and he remembered life as it once was and dreamt about the way it could be again. But the reality was still tough. The flood left everything in anarchy. Everyone had to not only build everything from scratch but also fight for justice. Because fighting for survival during the flood brought up dark urges. That’s how the energy of Sagittarius is born. He is full of hope, of optimism, of desire, of wishes, full of yearning and longing for a different reality. A reality that is not limited by sheer survival needs.  He has to have faith again to endure his harsh reality and to keep on moving. Later this energy is what brought up Philosophy, Ethics, Human Rights, Democracy, the Olympic Games and Art. But at first, Sagittarius brought hope, enthusiasm, and action after the flood.

Capricorn: The Lawmaker


painting of the zodiac sign Capricorn from Nastja Stefanyuk

The Capricorn is the energy that made everything happen, which Sagittarius wished and fought for because in him the principle of ambition climaxes. He knows he has to set strict ground rules for a functioning society.  The dreams Sagittarius had, aren’t as unrealistic anymore since nature seems to recover. But Capricorn has to set his hand to the task of rebuilding, of making everything the way it was. So he does and much, much more than that. The Capricorn plows fields untiringly, builds houses forcefully, restructures the society strictly or rather structures a society initially. With blinders, he follows the road straight to the top without ever wandering off course.

He carries the Concentration of Aries, the Perseverance of Taurus, the deep emotional life of Cancer and the Self-confidence of Leo. Also, he knows he has to direct his mindset towards the future from Virgo. The Capricorn knows collective life and seizing knowledge are two factors leading to much more success or rather faster development from Libra and Gemini. He knows that at any moment everything can be taken away from him and that in order of survival he has to be very powerful and ambitious.

There is a deep Severeness in a Capricorn because he just survived the flood. In order of rebuilding, he can not be distracted by impulse like Aries, not by chattiness like Gemini, not by emotional moodiness like Cancer, not by playfulness like Leo, not by concern like Virgo, not by conflict avoidance like Libra, not by primal urges like Scorpio and not by hopes and dreams like Sagittarius. But there is one thing missing to satisfy the compulsion of overachieving.

Aquarius: The Innovator

painting of the zodiac sign Aquarius from Nastja Stefanyuk

When the energy of Aquarius arrived on the scene, life was good again for the Homo Sapiens. Even better than it ever was. Except for the claims of Capricorn to overachieve. In order to do so, he had to find ways how to overachieve. The Capricorn had the willpower and ambition but not the ingenuity. His urgency to make everything bigger, and better forced the development of the energy of Aquarius. The Homo Sapiens then had to develop an inventive mind. To build bigger houses, he had to find other ways of transportation than the use of human hands or the backs of animals. So he invented the wheel for example and many other innovations and sciences evolved with the slowly emerging High Cultures. In order of being open to the world, he had to break the blinders and the chains of Capricorn.

Pisces: The Medium

painting of the zodiac sign Pisces from Nastja Stefanyuk

Aquarius laid the ground for the Pisces energy to develop since he had directed his antennas to the world surrounding him – always searching for solutions, expanding his cognitive abilities trying to combine all the things he knows, finding things he doesn’t know and combining them again to finally invent something that could be of use. This mental openness to the world led to the capabilities  Pisces developed. He expanded the mental openness to an emotional openness – making him understand the coherence of the world intuitively and transcribing his understanding in pictures and in music to let the rest of the population understand what he senses in his rich mind.


All in all…

…Aries and Taurus satisfied our primal needs and secured the species of the Homo Sapiens. Gemini brought language, later scripture and then the trade. Cancer settled, build houses and planted gardens. Leo brought hierarchy. Virgo brought planned agriculture with watering and stockpiling – later a calendar system and economy. Libra brought labor division, diplomacy, and human rights. Sagittarius brought justice and philosophy. Capricorn brought a political governmental system and cities as an organizational unit. Also,  Military Security, social castes fitted to the specializations and laws. Aquarius brought Inventions, Science, and Architecture. Pisces brought Music, Art and belief systems, that followingly evolved into religions. And all together they formed the first High Cultures in Mesopotamia and Egypt, where later Astrology evolved as a Belief System and as a Science. 

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