Fire Moon Artists

In order of understanding the Moon Signs we first have to try to understand the language of the soul which is art. Paintings of artists will tell us much more about the zodiac signs than words.

Aries Moon Artists

Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989)is one of the more famous examples of an Aries Moon which is characterized as wild, impulsive and dynamic. Born into a time of groundbreaking scientific discoveries like relativity theory it became clear that the reality we regarded as stable is no more than an illusion of our conscious minds. Therefore reality was to be bent. That’s how Surrealism arose and with Surrealism, Salvador Dali emerged from the crowd. 

When we look at his paintings we not only see a vivid imagination, but we see the world as seen from the eyes of a child. The colors are fleshy and the objects of his drawings are painted sharply. 

Another famous Aries Moon is Andy Warhol(1928 – 1987) who has bent the definition of art as far as possible. For example this banana. He just took it as a motive for the album of Velvet Underground and it got celebrated for its simplicity. It takes guts to do that and a tad of cynical callousness. Whether he embraced or rebelled against the consume-oriented society he emerged from as an artist, is still wildly discussed, but a rebel he was either way.

Kandinsky(1866 – 1944) is the next Aries Moon in line. As a pioneer of Abstract Expressionism, he is the one who tells us the most about the soul of the Aries Moon. In his paintings, radiant colors became the motive instead of objects or subjects. For the purpose of the release and exposition of his subconscious, he painted his improvised compositions. 

Other important Aries Moons were Egon Schiele, Léger and Moreau. Moreau (1826 – 1898) was a symbolist painter who had a huge influence on the genre of Fauvism and Surrealism.

Léger (1881 – 1955) was a painter of Cubism and Fauvism.

Egon Schiele (1890 – 1918) was an Expressionist. He even got imprisoned because his paintings were regarded as immoral. 

Braque (1882 – 1963) was a painter who started as a Fauvist but then developed his art becoming a pioneer of Cubism alongside Picasso.

There is a trend detectable that Aries Moons tend to be expressionistic in their art. But why have the times of Expressionism brought up those fiery artists? Expressionism arose in times of objectification of the being. Technological and scientific developments shaped and repressed the human soul. As a result or rather a compensation mechanism, expressionism originated. Therefore it is no surprise that most of the expressionists were born in a Fire Moon sign since Fire is the element of expression. Since the sun is the “planet” of expression it wouldn’t be surprising if there are a lot of Fire Suns amongst expressionist artists as well.

Sagittarius Moon Artists

Another Fire Moon Sign which brought up expressionistic artists after the era of Impressionism is adventurous, colorful, rebellious and courageous Sagittarius.

Between 1880 and 1905 Impressionism was replaced by a slightly confused period of Post-Impressionism bringing up artists like (Sagittarius Moon) Van Gogh (1853 – 1890) who laid the groundwork for the development of Expressionism in the first place.

He used elements of Impressionism like painting lines with unblended colors but instead of drawing a fleeting sense impression he aimed to express his agitated emotional state. His brush followed the intense, yearning and expansive rush of feelings he had while drawing. He didn’t care to imitate reality in his paintings. What was important to him was to convey an immediate and strong impact through his art which could be understood and appreciated by everyone.

Picasso(1881 – 1973) was another Sagittarius Moon who didn’t care to imitate the reality one bit. Instead he broke the rules of art and tradition of painting completely preluding the new era of Cubism. In his paintings he deformed the models for his paintings not in the sense of beauty and proportion but rather in the sense of honesty.

Matisse (1869 – 1954), another Sagittarius Moon,was one of the most important figures in Fauvism which is an art movement that comes from the word “fauve” meaning “the wild”. Thus Matisse aimed to express his wild Sagittarius Moon soul with similarly radiant colors as Picasso and Van Gogh and broad outlines. As a result his paintings appear almost candid as though they were composed by a child.

Leo Moon Artists

The last Fire Sign in line is Leo but it distinctly differs from the art of Aries and Sagittarius Moons. Also Leo Moon appears more often in different eras of art whereas Aries and Sagittarius Moon Artists bustle mostly in the post-impressionistic times of expressionistic Modern Art. Leo on the other hand is not as dedicated to honesty but rather to the buoyant enjoyment of life.

This can be seen in the paintings of Fragonard (1732 – 1806), an artist from the epoch of rococo. His style is flaky, loose and vivid, even sweetish to the verge of tacky and his paintings show a pretty, cultivated, fleet-footed lifestyle.

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