Aquarius – Guide to Happiness

Aquarius painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

If you have an Aquarius Moon, you probably have a distinct urge to be free. Maybe you constantly feel trapped in a reality, that’s just not reformed enough, not sustainable enough, not inventive enough. From time to time, you might even break your chains in trying to change everything to its core.  

That’s because you carry the legacy of the Inventor of the Zodiac. Since you developed right after narrow-minded Capricorn, you are here to break the blinders, because you want to change the whole strict system for the better. And since you think logically deductive, you know exactly what to do in the sense of society.

As the Inventor of the Zodiac, you are always looking for something new and original to discover, invent or understand. Thus you need to be in the process of either changing society or changing technology. That’s because you have a revolutionary soul. Therefore you should take part in something, where you can change the present. Even though you might have a tight schedule that doesn’t leave much room for the Aquarius – MAKE some space. Let your genius mind shape the future!

Tips for a Morning routine (1 hour) for aquarius
  • getting outdoors – your brain will need a lot of oxygen during your day
  • going for a run (30 minutes in a leisure pace) overcoming little obstacles in the forest – trains skill and mind
  • taking a contrast shower – stimulates the peripheral circulatory system which improves the circulation of blood in the capillaries

Side Note:

The best setting to start your run is a forest. That’s because our minds adapt to our environment. Since your mind is big on building analogies, details can get lost on you. Thus a forest can redirect your mindset on including all the information. At the end of the run, however, the setting of a wide landscape should replace the forest. That’s because a wide landscape makes us think in a bigger picture. This way you can imitate the working process of your brain in the morning. Consequently, your morning run can increase your ability to build analogies.

Being outside while running is also quite significant for you. That’s because you are a child of winter, even though your Sun Sign says otherwise. Thus you should take in as much sunlight as you can get (with sunscreen) to heighten endorphin levels.

Tips for Work (if you have a chance to choose your working place)
  • working in groups (a communal goal strengthens emotional connections)
  • choosing a working environment with a spirit of change and intellectual stimulation


Tech industry in silicon valley; UN politics; Human Rights Law; Businesses which consult about sustainability

Side note:

Although the Moon is your basic foundation, in Astrology it is the MC (Midheaven) which leads our path when it comes to our careers.

After Work or school routine
  • meeting friends to process emotions by talking them over – as an Aquarius Moon you tend to detach (unless you have a strong Water Placement in your Chart)
  • or talking on the phone to walk through the day mentally (don’t just listen, though you are awesome in doing so – talk too, otherwise you might feel alone and get depressed)
  • playing group sports like basketball, volleyball or something else to get a sense of belonging (that’s because as a typical Aquarius Moon you don’t evoke emotional support and it’s extremely difficult to understand your emotions – support develops naturally in a sports group)
Before sleep routine
  • Meditation (that’s for all Zodiac Signs – because in order to connect to oneself, we first shall connect to the higher self – the universe)

Why do you need to challenge yourself mentally and physically?

Because the genius brain of yours needs a lot of Oxygen on the one hand and intellectual Stimulation on the other. Your brain gets more oxygen when you eat enough iron-containing Proteins, since the Hemoglobin in your blood, which transports the Oxygen to every cell in your body, needs iron to bind Oxygen. Yoga and Mediation help you ventilate your lungs to the fullest and learn to breathe in deeply. Also, a daily portion of Endurance Training heightens the receptivity of Oxygen. If you don’t use your Inventor’s energy and don’t provide for your Aquarius, you might feel detached, which in return can hurt your relationships.

There will be a significant change in your emotional state if you find an environment where change is the priority. Your numbness will transform into excitement for your life – making you eager to start every following day and dive into your original life. The world needs your energy. There are numerous places where your inventive mind is appreciated!

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