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This is me, Sabi. My head is in the clouds and my feet always try to follow it. Accompany me on this journey on “Cityzodiac” up to the stars! Read all about the elements of your individual birth chart! Also, find out all you ever wanted to know about Astrology in the blog and buy your own personal piece of heaven in the shop!


Astrology is not a science but it’s not really a belief system, either. Mostly, Astrology strives to understand how the movements of the planets influence our subconscious minds and thus maybe also the decisions we make.

Astrological “knowledge” is basically a collection of observations from cultures all over the world over a period of thousands of years. They observed the cycles of the planets and the happenings on earth and then joined the dots.

Nowadays, astrological realizations spread rather quickly all over the internet. Although they usually are based on numerous lively discussions in forums and genuinely shared experiences, there is a lot of deceptive information, also.

Thus, you should always question each statement to get to the bottom of your own truth!

Me myself, I draw my conclusions from my meticulous research over the past 15 years before all. Also, I collect Information from comparisons between thousands of birth charts that crossed my path in the past 15 years.

Still, I am not a psychologist, neuroscientist, doctor or physicist. Rather, I am an educated physical therapist with a profound passion for Astrology and the desire to provide emotional support as well as sell celestial treasures to bring a little piece of heaven down to earth.