12 Sun Signs

When you read about your Sun Sign don’t forget not all of the features have to apply to you. That’s because your birth chart is a huge pool of all of the twelve energies of the Zodiac in different areas of your personality. At times, the features of your individual placements might cancel each other out or fight each other and thus create tension. The analysis of a whole birth chart is about revealing exactly these tensions/potentials/opportunities and NOT about creating a stigma.

It’s about revealing how you can develop any way you want, showing a way out of potential problems, letting you know that you are an indispensable cosmic treasure and demonstrating to you why you have numerous reasons to love yourself so you can stride out into this world full of confidence.

Sun Sign: Aries

Aries sun - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

With the sun sign Aries, you are a person full of action and energy. You have an enormous urge to become and stay active and only a few can keep pace with you. As a result, you can get impatient at times. In turn, your impatience can result in rash actions. That’s because you tend to follow your gut instinct. Your willingness to win through is unwavering since your own needs rank first. This assertiveness drives you to tremendous accomplishments in life.

Since actions, as well as reactions, get triggered markedly fast, you tend to speak directly, freely and honestly. Because of your directness people usually know where they stand with you. When an Aries sun enters the room, he enters like a hunter with an invasive energy. As an Aries, you always perceive challenges, get started immediately putting tasks into practice until you overcome those challenges. You forge ahead to get to the top towards freedom and independence. Therefore the life of an Aries sun usually is highly eventful. 

Sun Sign: Taurus

Taurus sun - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

Taurus is said to be pragmatic, realistic, reliable and down-to-earth. Destructive characteristics may be immobility, stubbornness, and sloth. A typical Taurus Sun works steadily on fulfilling his dreams. Sooner or later he succeeds because he keeps on trying patiently till the bitter end. His constant and settled nature conveys a sense of security to his environment. Usually, he chooses a constant and settled life himself with secured living conditions. Taurus is the sign that incorporates financial wealth and material property since he has an economical talent. He enters a room slowly and smoothly, but with a solid stride.

However, his energy is not invasive like it is when a Fire Sign enters the room. Instead, his energy is “compact” and well gathered in his body. As a result, Taurus seems to be very physical. By way of illustration: A typical Pisces appears as though he is a ghost wandering out of his body. A typical Gemini appears to have ants in his pants. Taurus, however, appears as though he is with himself and in harmony with the earth. He seems physically unyielding, yet smooth, sensual and soft at the same time. His high sensuality has tremendous power of attraction on other people.

Sun Sign: Gemini

Gemini sun - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

The vitality of Gemini is said to be sanguineous and as a sanguine person, Gemini possesses exceptional communicative abilities. With the Sun in Gemini, you are typically sociable, eloquent and mentally agile. Getting to know new people comes naturally to you. That’s because you are charming, convivial and entertaining. Concentration, on the other hand, doesn’t come quite easy to you. More specifically your concentration is commonly divided upon different stimuli. That’s because you have a big appetite for all kinds of new and exciting information. No one is as capable of juggling several balls at once like you are.  You don’t plan far ahead in the future and don’t cling nostalgically to the past. You live in the here and now always treasure hunting whereby the treasure is variety and knowledge.

Socializing nurtures your vitality. Therefore you are always on the road making new encounters, gathering and sharing all kinds of new information. When Gemini enters a room he moves agilely to whatever catches his attention first. Then he exchanges information whereas he is mentally and physically already on the hop. This is how he moves through the whole room until he absorbs everything new like a sponge. Afterward, he changes the room and repeats flying through it like a bird. After every day he is a whole lot smarter. With the abundance of information, however, it does not necessarily come easily to him to make commitments.

Sun Sign: Cancer

Cancer sun - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

The vitality of a typical Cancer is said to depend on his emotional state. That’s because the Sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the “luminary” of the soul. Because Cancer is thin-skinned and highly sensitive, he tends to get overstimulated quickly. Therefore, he needs to have possibilities to withdraw from the noise of society. At times he needs to hide under his shell and recharge his batteries amongst his dearest friends. Otherwise, he gets very emotional and overcompensates his oversensitivity with a hard shell.

In that case, he can be extraordinarily hurtful since he knows exactly where it hurts most. That’s because Cancer has deep insight into the emotional life of everyone surrounding him. No matter how hurtful a Cancer might behave, he actually is tender and kind. The amount of security and comfort he seeks amongst his fellows, he can convey just as well himself to others. But first, he has to feel socially accepted. When it comes to close friendships and intimate relationships he is affectionate, cuddly, soft, committed and sometimes even clingy. His desire for a long-lasting emotional commitment is huge since Cancer wants to nourish and cherish. The partner should be someone who can convey a sense of security, who is reliable and committed.

Sun Sign: Leo

Leo sun - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

As a typical Leo, you are blessed with a natural authority that you radiate in every life situation. You appear proud and dignified. When you enter a room you enter with a majestic posture: self-confident and balanced. You settle conveniently in the middle of the room. After a short period of time, a whole bunch of people bustles around you. As the flowers grow towards the sun, people tend to move towards you. Full of self-expression you dominate conversations naturally, always with a slightly theatrical charm. You are great-hearted, generous and free of worry -that’s why you spend with both hands. 

However, you will rarely have little money since your aspiration for possessing and self-realization is strong. Furthermore, you have organizational skills, courage, creativity, and optimism. Also, you can give orders like a true king but you are not willing to subordinate to someone else yourself. As a result, you usually are self-employed or the chief of a company. Celebrities (singers, performers, actors and so on) often have a significant influence of Leo in their chart. 

Sun Sign: Virgo

Virgo - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

Virgo is highly economical. When she enters a room she x-rays it briefly and estimates the distances. Then she walks in completing all tasks perfectly with the highest gain at the lowest cost. Example: Virgo wants to make tea, read an article from the newspaper,  and put a cake into the oven. First, she walks to the oven because it’s closest to her. She opens it with her right hand while reaching the teapot with her left hand. She opens the teapot while walking towards the sink. Then she fills it with water while getting a cup from the top shelf with her right hand. Afterward, she turns around with the teapot in one hand and the cup in the other. She walks to the kitchen counter to put the teapot on the stove to boil the water and the cup right next to it.

Then she turns on the stove with her left hand and picks up the cake with the right, turns around smoothly to the oven and puts the cake in it. While the water for her tea boils she finally reads the newspaper article. She is a coordinative superhero always aiming for perfection. Not only is she highly effective but also economical – concerning time as well as matter. For example, is it highly uncommon behavior for a Virgo to crumple her toilet paper. She will rather fold it once and twice and three times and still manage to wipe herself clean.

Sun Sign: Libra

Libra - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

Libra brings people together and always finds whatever connects a community. When Libra enters a room with a group of people, first she estimates the tension within a group. Wherever she feels stress she intercepts and absorbs it because she wants everything and everyone to be in sync. For example: In the room, there is an exhausted person; an angry couple shortly after a fight and an intimidated person – overwhelmed by the tension. Libra walks in, goes to the tired person and makes a joke in a charming, vivid and cheerful way. Afterward, she sits down between the couple and talks to both of them in an understanding, insightful and soothing manner. Next, she turns towards the intimidated person and pays all of her attention to her.

This chain of behavior usually proceeds unnoticed by the Libra herself. She always evaluates all the different points of view objectively and compares them. Then she conciliates as a mediator between the parties so that nobody feels disadvantaged. Everything has to be fair and well-balanced. Though she always has a balancing impact she is not always balanced herself. That’s because her own mood can change rapidly if the harmony of the group is disturbed. The vitality of Libra is nurtured by the harmony within a group and her intimate relationship. At times her tendency to avoid conflict migh be problematic. However, her senses are more focused on the more pleasant sides of life. Basically, she is sociable, empathic, charming, cultivated, peaceful and thoughtful.

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Scorpio - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

As a Scorpio sun, you have the survivor’s energy. That means that you can pool your resources, and forces sheer inexhaustibly. By doing so you can focus all of your energy on what you want to achieve. You have the purest, clearest and most concentrated energy of the zodiac since you are driven by sheer passion. It appears as though you always seek a sense of control and power. Every challenge you handle with an enormous intensity as though you are struggling for your life. In relationships, you can get insanely jealous haunted by the fear of loss.

When a Scorpio enters a room everyone feels his presence immediately since he is the incarnation of presence. He speaks in a clear voice, has a piercing look in his eyes and intense, magnetic charisma. He enters the room with invasive, and fierce energy, a strong posture and a high attention span. Inside the room, he seeks out opportunities of dominance on an instinctive base. Quickly afterward he is dominating the whole room since Scorpio will never go down.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarius - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

The energy of Sagittarius is diffuse and fiery. When you imagine those adjectives combined, a little volcano appears in front of your inner eye. The sparks of this volcano fly wildly and unpredictably into all directions. That is probably the best way to describe a Sagittarius. He is full of energy which erupts freely, directly and unrestrained. There is a pomposity to him and a sparkling expression in his eyes. When he speaks he always says whatever is on his mind while gesticulating wildly, however brutal his honesty might be. He doesn’t shy away from confrontation and makes exceedingly clear what he considers right.

One cannot be forearmed when it comes to a Sagittarius since one never knows when he shoots his arrow next. Sagittarius is quickly aroused and loaded, but he unloads again just as quickly. His longing for light, life, and justice is the foundation of his character. This bottomless desire may result in a restless hunt for something more beautiful, more exhilarating and more exciting. Sagittarius seeks for fun, games, adventures and not rarely spotlight. Being utterly humorous and clever, Sagittarius often is a comedian on stage. With his spirited speech, sparkling wit and enthusiasm, he brings light and life into every conversation.


Capricorn - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

Capricorn always keeps himself under control. To gain control over himself, he separates everything that appears to be impractical in order of reaching his goals. He divides categorically into bad and good, weak and strong, useful and useless. Thus, Capricorn always has a box full of feelings carefully hidden in the pit of his stomach. However, inside this box, his emotions are deep and never to be underestimated. After isolating his emotions he agglomerates all of his energy in the midst of his body. So his organs are well supplied with blood even though his extremities are cold as though it’s always winter.

The rationing of his energy sources proceeds utterly strategical. Imagine his energy is a huge, conglomerated orb of slowly spinning charge. Capricorn sits in front of it as a judge on a podium. Bit by bit with one manual gesture he distributes parts of the charge directly to its target location. At the same time, a computer calculates correctly how much of the energy is needed where. Therefore it’s not surprising that Capricorn is the most efficient Zodiac sign. It usually remains unrecognized how much work Capricorn actually invests. That’s because he always keeps his cool. Thus it appears as though he only has to flick his fingers to achieve results. 


Aquarius - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac. He is open to the world and all of the opportunities it presents. Aquarius is free of prejudice and utterly tolerant since he himself is extraordinary and eccentric. With his reform-oriented way to think, he emancipates from the norms of society. Aquarius loves freedom and independence. He resists the pressure toward conformity, doesn’t follow conventions of society and underlines his individuality. Also, he rebels against old conventions and reforms society by seducing it with his intellect. His mind is wide awake and vivid – always out to invent or discover something new and unusual.

As eccentric and unique as he might be, he also has a distinctive sense for fair play in group dynamics. Also, he loves intragroup activities. Aquarius is friendly, cooperative and a humanist through and through. Though he has a moral mindset and lives a principled life, that doesn’t mean, he lives a law-abiding life. His genuine, original and progressive nature provides him with a lot of charisma. Also, his entertaining and captivating temper makes him a welcome guest.


Pisces - painted by Nastja Stefanyuk

Sun: vitality, basic energy, ego

The values of Pisces are far from the materialistic values of the society we live in. Those values are the values of all-encompassing love and mercy. That’s why Pisces encounter his environment with consideration and respect. Some Pisces are able to justify the most despicable actions and still manage to feel compassion with the perpetrator. That’s because a Pisces sun is tender-hearted, indulgent, mellow, sweet-tempered and soft. There is no limit to the amount of empathy which results in a sparkling emotional life.  At times that might confuse a Pisces. That’s because he cannot rationally backtrace where all of these feelings are coming from. Mostly since not all of what he feels are actually his own feelings.

Sometimes you might feel paralyzed as a Pisces sun, because of your limitless empathy. Then you tend to sleep long and maybe can’t get your arse in gear. To criticize that would be a huge error since you have to process 20 times more than anyone else. The beautiful side of this rich emotional life is the creativity which comes with it. Therefore there are a lot of Pisces contributing groundbreaking creations to the artistic world.  

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