12 Moon Signs

When you read about your Moon Sign don’t forget not all of the features have to apply to you. That’s because your birth chart is a huge pool of all of the twelve energies of the Zodiac in different areas of your personality. At times, the features of your individual placements might cancel each other out or fight each other and thus create tension. The analysis of a whole birth chart is about revealing exactly these tensions/potentials/opportunities and NOT about creating a stigma.

It’s about revealing how you can develop any way you want, showing a way out of potential problems, letting you know that you are an indispensable cosmic treasure and demonstrating to you why you have numerous reasons to love yourself so you can stride out into this world full of confidence.

Moon in Aries

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

Your instinct is strong with this placement. It makes you act on a gut feeling: spontaneously, decisively and directly – without overthinking your actions first. Thus, you speak honestly and freely. It seems as though a wildfire burns inside your core. Also, your emotional state changes fast. At one moment, you are closing the door behind you in a wild rage. The next moment, you are in the best mood and everything is already forgotten. In some ways, you can compare the emotionality of Aries with the soul energy of a child. That’s because your energy is just as pure, wild, boisterous, playful and egocentric.

An Aries Moon typically loves all physical challenges. Especially, when the physical challenges are outdoors and include a little risk like climbing, skiing, or surfing. That’s because Aries wants to experience the power of his body and its physical boundaries. Sexual activity is also part of that. Feelings get transcribed into anger first – since anger is an emotion that makes you able to act. Aries has to be certain he can act at all times to secure and protect their ego. Since Aries feels challenged quickly, he often acquires an attitude of resistance to defend himself. In a long lasting relationship, Aries can quickly feel emotionally limited.

Moon in Taurus

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

Your inner drive is based on the wish to gain more substance and to secure resources. That’s because you have a thirst for security, stability and the richness of life. Since the will (moon) is significant for success, that position will lead to financial and material success. Substantial wealth gives the Taurus moon a sense of security, which he needs to feel inner peace. Usually, Taurus prefers a traditional life with a house, a garden and a fence around it.

However, the fence will never keep people away, since Taurus is an excellent host. He has the ability to seduce people to convenience with his richly laid tables. Moreover, he is happy when all the bellies of his guests are full of the juiciest foods and drinks. Taurus enjoys a full belly himself since Taurus loves all sensual pleasures. Thus, Taurus moons love to eat and drink one too many and tend to be corpulent because of that. Women usually have round, soft, very feminine and proportional forms as well concerning the face (lips, eyes, cheeks) such as the figures. Their physicality demonstrates their fertility and invites to want to live inside them, to feel safe and snugly forever. Men with a Taurus moon aren’t inferior to the sensuality of the women in any way.

Moon in Gemini

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

Your inner drive is based on the wish to gain more knowledge and experiences. Since the will (moon) is significant for success, Gemini will lead to success in professions with much communication and knowledge. Curiosity drives you to gain more knowledge and meet new people. Communication simply comes naturally to you whereas devoting your attention and focussing on one thing doesn’t. That’s because you get bored easily. The lack of focus makes you a little restless, flaky and non-committal. It nurtures your soul to encounter your friends regularly, to small talk here and there, to learn and to read. Many politicians, writers, and journalists have this moon position.

Since the Moon, the “planet” of nurturing is in Gemini (sign of social exchange), Gemini needs to nurture everyone socially. That means Gemini is always trying to make everyone feel good in the conversation – with subtle compliments, for example. Moreover, he likes to entertain whole groups of people. Everyone shall feel at ease in the conversation – as he is responsible for a fertile and buoyant gathering. That’s because it is crucially important to feel included in a group and be well received socially. His need for an unburdened gathering sometimes results in the isolation of negative feelings. As a result, Gemini smiles like a champion though his actual emotionality is actually quite erratic. Also, Gemini tends to rationalise or even trivialized his emotions.

Moon in Cancer

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

Cancer Moon is the Moon of impressionists since almost every composer and artist from this era has this astrological position. The word impressionism includes the word impression. An impression is a sensation which finds a way through the skin of a Cancer Moon unfiltered. Then, the sensation leaves an imprint on his soul since he is emotionally supremely impressionable. Thereby this susceptibility is a passive, introversive “action”. With other words, the Cancer Moon is an introvert that takes in myriads of stimuli from the outside world – undissected. Thus, the whole range and depth of emotion are easily accessible for a Cancer Moon. Words do not begin to describe the richness of his feelings.

On the one hand, this wealthy emotionality can lead to him creating the most dazzling pictures, dreams, and phantasies. On the other hand, he can feel overstimulated without the possibility to hide under his shell at times. Then he needs to withdraw – shutting everyone out. Without a possibility to isolate himself, he gets moody, petulant and acts overly tough as an overcompensation of his sensibility. He even can be very hurtful because he feels the emotions of his fellow people intuitively. Thus he has a deep, psychological understanding of where it hurts people most.

Moon in Leo

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

The heart of a Leo moon is full of lust for life. He wants to have the most beautiful flowers, to eat the most delicious food and to wear the most colorful clothes. Moon in Leo would like it best to swim in wealth, luxury and decadence. From time to time, he can develop a hedonistic and demanding trait. When his cravings for a rich and full life aren’t fulfilled, he gets unsatisfied and discontent. However, if they are fulfilled Moon in Leo is the most generous and cordial of all Moons. It nurtures his soul when he has the chance to shine and behave as pompously as he likes.

This pomposity may turn to theatricality at times but still, a Leo moon doesn’t ever get unauthentic. Authenticity is significant to him since no one dispises insincerity as much as he does. His heart is grand and warm. Full of enthusiasm and hunger for life, he is a little bit like an eternal child that seeks to find something new to play with, create or discover with sparkling eyes. A Leo Moon has courage, optimism and knows how to give orders. A satisfied Leo Moon is the light that brings life and joy to his loved ones. However, beware of the discontent Leo Moon.

Moon in Virgo

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is the planet of rational thinking. The Moon, however, is the Planet of our emotionality and soul. Reason and emotion do not go together all too well. Still, you can’t deny that Virgo has a rich emotional life since she is actually quite sensitive. However, she feels more comfortable in the real and practical world. Moon in Virgo is an utterly attentive and curious observer. With all this information, she might spread herself too thin at times. Three things are highly important to Virgo.

  1. Organization
  2. Education
  3. Security

Moon in Virgo projects his need for improvement (until the verge of perfectionism) onto her environment as well. That’s because Virgo is very sophisticated and recognises deficiencies (that need to be eradicated) everywhere. Thus, she could be misunderstood because of her addiction to criticize and nag. Moon in Virgo, however, is just as critical with herself. Essentially Moon in Virgo is practical, pedestrian, modest, intelligent, pragmatical and factual. Reason rules her feelings since she needs to have an order in her emotional life as well. Moon in Virgo can organize excellently and you can always count of her since she is incredibly reliable. Also, her sense of duty is enormous.

Moon in Libra

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

When the Moon, the Planet of nurturing is in Libra (sign of the social community), nurturing the community with harmony becomes a basic need. That means that Moon in Libra always tries to make all sorts of conflicts ebb away. That’s because Libra feels responsible for a harmonious and peaceful togetherness. In a way, it’s important to Moon in Libra that everyone behaves “aesthetically”. Libra herself always behaves beautifully since she is thoughtful, respectful, peaceable, cultivated, sympathetic and charming. However, Libra also expects the same amount of compliance and decency from everyone else. Beauty is very important to Libra in general. That’s because her need to level the environment in a harmonious way refers to every part of life. Thus Libra loves art, music, architecture, fashion or interior design.

Another crucially important aspect is Libra’s intimate relationship. That’s because (as mentioned already) Libra is the sign of social connection and partnership. In general Libra needs companionship. However, it gets problematic when the desire for a peaceful togetherness results in the isolation of conflicts. Moon in Libra runs the risk to adjust his own needs to the needs of the people that he loves. That’s because he wants to do right by all to be loved and validated. For Libra, it is therefore especially relevant to create an environment where she can reflect her own fundamental needs.

Moon in Scorpio

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

Moon in Scorpio has the most intense, passionate and deepest emotional nature of the zodiac. Although the Moon usually hides from the eye of society at first, there is an undeniably magnetic, dark and sexual aura that surrounds you. The expression in your eyes is piercing – as though you could detect immediately if people tell and show the truth – as much as they would like to hide it.

Themes like death and evanescence suck you in magically (as the flood did that drew you into her depths and revealed of what despicable things people are capable of when it comes to sheer survival). Nobody can lead you on. You appear to be connected to the Freudian id (the deep unconscious of everyone) on an instinctive level.

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

Moon in Sagittarius is full of desire. Mostly he desires justice, fun, travel, culture, and adventures of all kinds. Thus, spontaneous and enthusiastic Sagittarius dives into his life head first. One day he might wake up in Sydney, the next he is at the other end of the world. Then, he might meet 50 new friends, rob a bank, and experience a heart filled love story – all in one day. Also, Sagittarius will never do anything just because it is expected of him. He only ever acts from a place of sheer persuasion. That’s because in his heart Sagittarius is a philosopher, a lawyer, a morals teacher and a revolutionary all at once.

However, his persuasions might not always be logically deducted. Thus, he tends to speak before he thinks and be a little dogmatic even though he is not always (or even at all) right. Still, he leads the way even if he has no idea where to go. However, Sagittarius always aims to expand his mental and emotional horizon to find his truth. Thus, he aspires to travel, meet a lot of different people, cultures, traditions.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

Moon in Capricorn has a profound sense of responsibility and duty. That’s because a lot of people learn to count on his infallibility. Thus, there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders which makes him seem severe at times. However, behind his poker face, there is an unsuspected emotional depth to find. For the sake of efficiency, though, he usually tends to put his emotions aside. That’s why it’s always easy for him to connect emotionally with other people – at least not in the beginning. Also, putting trust in others might present a challenge.

To feel comfortable, Capricorn needs structure, rules, and appreciation. Indeed, Capricorn usually is highly appreciated since his implementation skills are unbeatable. His limitless ambition makes him an idealist but since there is nothing Capricorn can’t achieve, he is rather considered a realist.

Moon in Aquarius

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

Moon in Aquarius has a revolutionary heart and a moral mind. Also, he has a profound need to be free and independent – in real life as well as mentally. Thus, he doesn’t follow conventions and never bends to conformity. Instead, he rather spends his life reforming society, inventing and discovering new things. He is simply unique but at the same time a team player.

Because of his humanistic values, he is respectful, thoughtful and humble. However, he never fails to attract attention with his free-spirited charisma and unconventional mind. When it comes to emotions though, he is rather intellectual. Thats’s because he strictly separates emotions from his conscious mind and rather relies on logic and reason. Stil, he understands the whole range of emotions on an intellectual level.

Moon in Pisces

Moon: Inner self, soul, wishes, needs, dreams

The soul of Moon is Pisces is indulgent, forgiving, and loving. Also, his tender heart is full of devotion. That’s why Moon in Pisces naturally behaves thoughtfully and respectfully. Since Pisces is emotionally unguarded, he feels everyone’s pain. Thus, he understands where everyone is coming from. His empathy makes it the sign with the most sparkling but also most confusing emotional life.

One could compare Moon in Pisces with a drop of water: elusive, reflective, shimmering, purging, absorbing, healing, and infinite. It can evaporate into a cloud at every time but then dissolve into the ocean. Moon in Pisces feels this connection with the universe and has a profound sense for the all-entity.