12 MC Signs

When you read about your Midheaven Sign don’t forget not all of the features have to apply to you. That’s because your birth chart is a huge pool of all of the twelve energies of the Zodiac in different areas of your personality. At times, the features of your individual placements might cancel each other out or fight each other and thus create tension. The analysis of a whole birth chart is about revealing exactly these tensions/potentials/opportunities and NOT about creating a stigma.

It’s about revealing how you can develop any way you want, showing a way out of potential problems, letting you know that you are an indispensable cosmic treasure and demonstrating to you why you have numerous reasons to love yourself so you can stride out into this world full of confidence.

Midheaven in Aries

MC: Professional Path

Aries is a leader who takes initiative and responsibility rather than subordinating (like Bill Gates as the founder of Microsoft – Aries midheaven). Aries needs a working environment where he can either fight for an idea of a better future (like Angelina Jolie as a humanitarian for UNCHR helping refugees all over the world – Aries Midheaven) or be active in any other way (like Cameron Diaz as an athletic actress – Aries Midheaven).

With this placement, it is less about the exact working field but rather about the working environment. It has to be one where your fighting spirit and enthusiastic energy can evolve to its full capacity (like the energy of Joan of Arc – a French heroine with an Aries Midheaven). You can be successful in every field as long as you don’t feel limited (like Marina Abramovic as a provocative performance artist – Aries Midheaven) and are free to make the decisions (like Alfred Hitchcock as a movie director – Aries Midheaven). Therefore, it should be a working place with an active nature.

I know one person with this placement. She (Sagittarius moon and Aquarius Venus) works in the Getty Museum in Los Angeles – making all the preparations for an exhibition. What she loves most about working there, is that everyone is so enthusiastic about this project. In about a year she will probably be on the other side of the world working in a similarly passionate and free-spirited environment on a completely different project.

Midheaven in Taurus

MC: Professional Path

Taurus is ruled by Venus and is the sign of substance. That includes 5 components: money, body, earth, sensuality, and beauty. Therefore it is absolutely possible for a Taurus Midheaven to be completely content with a secure job with the sole purpose of earning a good income in a beautiful environment. As long as there is not too much pressure, Midheaven in Taurus works consistently and patiently. This is how he usually achieves good results. Especially as a business man, trader, shop keeper, broker or banker.

But there is another less practical and more sensual side of Midheaven in Taurus. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Midheaven in Taurus can be extraordinarily artistic. Therefore a lot of artists (like Frida Kahlo), musicians (like Justin Timberlake) and all-round entertainment talents (like Heidi Klum and Marilyn Monroe) have the placement. Either way, you will probably earn a lot of money. Further professions for the more sensual side of Midheaven in Taurus are cook, baker, painter, sculptor, musician and landscape designer. The combination of both sides would be an art dealer.

Amongst the Midheavens in Taurus I know, there is one who has founded an online trading business for fashion (Taurus Moon and Venus), the other one has found a music production label (Libra Moon and Cancer Venus), another has worked as a metal trader and has designed houses in his spare time (Cancer Moon and Gemini Venus) and the last one works in a firm that consults businesses how to be more sustainable in order to maintain the environment (Aquarius moon and Taurus Venus).

Midheaven in Gemini

MC: Professional Path

Most of you who read this page will probably have this placement since this is the most confusing one when it comes to professions. It is confusing because, to a Midheaven in Gemini, routine is toxic but most jobs include routine at one point or the other. Don’t despair! Look at the bright side of this placement since you will be the one with the most interesting career.

Gemini is the sign of speech and of exchange of knowledge. Therefore communication is crucially important for a Midheaven in Gemini. Intellectual occupational fields that include speech and writing like Journalism and Politics are dominated by the sign of Gemini. Also, every field that is somehow inflicted with media. It is difficult to narrow down a field for a Midheaven in Gemini. Usually, it is very broad.

Amongst the people with this placement I know one guy (Virgo moon, Cancer Venus) who has worked as a professional pianist, then as a travel advisor and now as a nurse; another person I know is a girl (Cancer moon, Leo Venus) who has worked as a psychologist in a psychiatry, then she was an assistant in TV shows and now she is an actress.

Midheaven in Cancer

MC: Professional Path

This placement is a beautiful placement when it comes to social work. Cancer is the sign of the soul, care, intimacy, and security. Therefore the work environment for a Midheaven in Cancer should be personal and familiar. He enjoys emotional safety and a secure position more than pushing through towards the top of a hierarchy. The work climate should be filled with warmth and love.

If that is the case Midheaven in Cancer is loyal, trustworthy and a devoted working force. Especially in fields like nursing, welfare, and childcare. As an empath Cancer has to communicate on a soulful level. Therefore he has a perceptive psychological mind and is capable in human resources, also.

There is another side to the Midheaven in Cancer. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon (our souls) he is also to be found in artistic fields. Especially music. In many ways, Midheaven in Cancer is similar to Midheaven in Taurus. Professions that nurture the soul like cooking, baking, painting, and landscape designing are perfect for him. Also everything with gardens, flowers in general and music.

Midheaven in Leo

MC: Professional Path

Leo is ruled by the sun and therefore he needs to shine. He is a leader like Aries and thus aims for the top, needs to make his own decisions and cannot be bound by rules. Except he has made them himself.

You were born a king. Therefore high positions in politics are not uncommon with this placement. Also, management, every form of performance and show stardom are your fields of expertise. With this placement, it doesn’t matter where you work you will rise to the top or get on the stage.

Midheaven in Virgo

MC: Professional Path

Virgo is an analytical thinker. She wants to understand, systematize, plan, build and perfect a system. This system can be the health care system, the school system, the infrastructure system or the political system in general. What’s important is that it is for the purpose of society. With this placement work usually consists of more theoretical accomplishments than practical, since Virgo is big on planning and constructing an abstract ideal in her mind.

Therefore there are a lot of philosophers and writers with this placement (for example Friedrich Nietzsche, Simone de Beauvoir, Sartre, Goethe). Also, this is the perfect placement for consulting, supervision, industrial psychology, and ergonomy since no-one can detect and remove mistakes from work environments as well as Virgo.

Midheaven in Libra

MC: Professional Path

Libra is ruled by Venus and is the sign of the Community and relationships. Therefore it is important for Midheaven in Libra to be surrounded by people in their working place. Usually, there is little ambition to climb the career ladder to the top. That’s because most Midheavens in Libra are happy with a peaceful occupation that has a social purpose and helps the community. They are natural diplomats who understand every point of view and can bring people closer together.

As always there is another side to the Midheaven in Libra. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, Libra has a distinct sense for proportion, harmony, and beauty. Professional fields like fashion, design, make-up, jewelry, but also the arts are of interest for Midheavens in Libra.

Amongst the people I know, there are 5 people with this placement. Two of them actually work as social workers (Aries Moon and Cancer Venus; Sagittarius Moon and Aries Venus). What they love about their jobs is working for the sake of the community amongst close people who are more like friends and family than strangers. Another girl (Gemini Moon, Leo Venus) I know with this placement is a teacher who loves her job for the exact same reason. The third in line has founded a firm for nursing care (Capricorn Moon, Virgo Venus). The last one (Aries Moon, Virgo Venus) has founded the online fashion trading platform alongside the Taurus Midheaven girl I have mentioned earlier.

Midheaven in Scorpio

MC: Professional Path

It is strictly impossible to narrow down a field for intense and passionate Scorpio. Midheaven in Scorpio wants to achieve something truly and deeply meaningful. On this journey, he does not get off track. His aspirations are high and his willpower to force through is immense. There are high power names with this placement like Obama, Macron, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Elizabeth II.

Scorpio is the sign of secrets and profundity. Therefore professions that fit Midheaven in Scorpio are those where he has to dig deeper to get to the core and to find answers. For example researching, exploration, investigating, and anything that has to do with criminalistics.

Midheaven In Sagittarius

MC: Professional Path

Sagittarius has a broad field of interest. Starting with literature, culture, arts, philosophy, travel, religion, spirituality, justice. Therefore perfect jobs for the Sagittarius would be lawyer, travel guide, judge, member of the ethics commission or yoga teacher. The list goes on and on. But the most common profession amongst Midheaven in Sagittarius is teaching.

Midheaven in Sagittarius doesn’t accept authorities or hierarchies since they are free-spirited missionaries. What’s important to Sagittarius, is pursuing the goal of their mission which is usually high. As an enthusiastic and idealistic missionary, Sagittarius has to be convinced by the value of his work wholeheartedly. Also, he should be challenged intellectually.

Midheaven in Capricorn

MC: Professional Path

Capricorn is at home in this placement since the 10th house (Midheaven) is the house of Capricorn. Whatever Capricorn does, he does it with a great amount of will power, persistence, concentration, patience, sense of responsibility and strategy. He is like a roly-poly doll, always getting back up on his feet and moving on towards his goal.

Social recognition, a good reputation, high socioeconomic status, and security are most important to Capricorn. Also, he should be the one in charge off the processes. I only know one Midheaven in Capricorn. She (Leo Moon, Capricorn Venus) works as a translator at court and has an autonomous translation firm.

Midheaven in Aquarius

MC: Professional Path

Aquarius is the sign of freedom and reform in every respect. Therefore professions which are suitable for Midheaven in Aquarius should be inflicted with shaping the future, like architecture, technology, physics, but also humanitarianism, sustainability, and all other ethical fields. To Aquarius, money is not important. What counts for Aquarius is pursuing. Also, it’s important to him to feel free in his working environment.

Amongst the two people, I know with Midheaven in Aquarius one (Aries Moon, Leo Venus) works at Apple and the other one (Gemini Moon, Pisces Venus) is a landscape photographer and works in numerous projects for the protection of the environment against climate change.

Midheaven in Pisces

MC: Professional Path

Pisces is the sign of the arts, music, fantasies, the intuitive mind, and altruism. Healing professions are common amongst this placement. Therefore many are doctors, healers, meditation instructors, yoga teachers, natural health practitioner, and psychologists. Also, many physicists have this placement since there is no other sign that understands the mysterious ways of the universe better than Pisces.

Best for Midheaven in Pisces are professions in the arts where Pisces has creative freedom to materialize his beautiful inner world.

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